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Originally posted by SSgt USMC/Vet:
RIP Ensign Parker and thank you for making me laugh while watching McHale's Navy.

A great show and role - RIP Ensign Parker indeed.
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Hold Fast
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Never shoot a large caliber man with a small caliber bullet . . .

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Originally posted by Go Giants:
Dorf on Golf

I once saw Conway on a talk show, discussing the Dorf golf videos. For one of the shows, they enlisted the help of the great golfer, Sam Snead. They set it up at a local golf course . The night before they met for dinner at the club to get acquainted and discuss the outline of the next day's skit. When Snead showed up the next day for the shoot, Conway was already in costume and standing in the holes that had been dug for his legs. Snead introduces himself to Conway, not realizing he's the same guy he had been having dinner with the night before. He thought Conway was a midget. After they got past that, Snead overheard them talking about how to film a scene, where an errant drive bounces off a tree about a hundred yards down the fairway. The director and Conway couldn't decide whether to aim and propel the ball with some device or have someone off camera throw the ball at the tree. After listening to the discussion for a bit, Snead asked which tree they wanted hit. He then teed up a ball and hit the tree three out of four times.
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Originally posted by kramden:
"Comedy" is dead. Has been for afew years now. Tim Conway was a true comedian . On the Carol Burnett show he was hilarious. Especially with Harvey Korman. Loved when Harvey couldn't keep the laughter contained because Tim was soooooo funny.
Agreed, especially when they probably giggled during rehearsals and still got laughs out of each other live on stage.

If you like religion, laws or sausage, then you shouldn't watch them being made.
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Carol Burnett's closing song...

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye". The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, pilot and author, lost on mission, July 1944, Med Theatre.
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