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A very interesting watch and a man I would be proud to know. Thanks for posting this.

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Watching what Jane Fonda did will sicken you, but starting a little after 43:00 your blood will boil.
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Thanks for posting,Jane really pisses me off.
I had never heard that we gave flight plans to the swiss and they pas on to hanoi.That is worse than what comrade jane did.
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Back in the day, both of my room mates were 105 Crew Chiefs.When my duties ( F-104 Crew Chief) permitted I would
assist my room mates on the F-105. That was a big ass airplane. We lost two in one month which resulted in the grounding
of all 105s, that's about the time period they became known as Thud's 1964ish. It was the only Fighter I could walk
under the wing standing straight up. Did I say, its a big ass airplane.
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Peninsula Senior Videos are a treasure trove. Cindy Macha who runs the museum does a great job. Still going through but the F105, SR71,Tomcat, p-51 stories from the pilots and crews are awesome.

Those guys got the first missiles, but at a high cost - and this was 1965. He sure did love the Thud. Enjoyed the Pussy Galore retelling, he enjoyed it Smile

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Excellent lecture. I really appreciate you posting this. Thanks.


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I was not a flyer but was on the ground watching those guys strap those jets on and take off and land, day in and day out. The flight lines were frenetic with the smell of JP-4, munitions loaders, maintenance crews, refuelers, firefighters, and crew buses scurrying about. Often the number that landed was different than the number that took off. I thought then, and still do, that those aircrews were true warriors and patriots with great big clanging balls.

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Quote from the video attributed to Secretary of State Dean Rusk:


Yes, we didn't want to harm the North Vietnamese people, so we passed the targets to the Swiss embassy in Washington with instructions to pass them to the North Vietnamese government..." End quote.

If this is true then the Secretary admitted to treason on TV. I call that "aiding and abetting the enemy."

How in the world weren't President Johnson, Secretary Rusk and Secretary McNamara arrested for treason? In my mind they were responsible for all the deaths, injuries and destroyed lives caused by that conflict.

All three should have been hung, shot and electrocuted until dead, dead and dead.

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Thank you for sharing this video. I truly enjoyed it. Thankful for folks like him. As for the secretary comment above, I find it disgusting but it sounds eerily familiar to some recent administrations.

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In the linked video the guy referenced an amazon prime was great show about the pilots and crews and what they did in Vietnam.

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Those Bastards in Washington kill our men, by giving target information. I am sure that was the tip of the iceberg. I knew they tied our hands on ROE, but this is just Treasonous.

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Thank you so much for posting that. My deceased uncle (my hero FYI) started flying F-100s and then moved on to the F-105 in Vietnam. We prayed for him every night. He never forgave Jane Fonda, Lyndon Johnson, or Robert McNamera. I pray that the latter two are enjoying the dry heat and I hope Jane does very soon.
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