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I have always used Die Hard or AC Delco batteries at or just under 900 CCA. I purchased two Die Hards about two years ago rated at 730 CCA, biggest they had. One apparently has a bad cell and I need to replace it. With no more Sears around us, who else makes a good battery. There seems to be so many companies out there making them, but I’m Leary about most of them. Any recommendations? I’m running a 2008 GMC Sierra 2500HD 6.6L Duramax.

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I would go with EastPenn/Deka. Their batteries are sold under various other name brands. Oreilly Superstart brand is one.

Interstate is made by Exide.

Your Die Hard batteries were made by Clarios/Johnson Controls.
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Interstate batteries
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I've had success with the Maxx battery line at Wal-Mart. Johnson Controls manufacturer.

My 2004 Sierra's battery OE battery was replaced with one in 2010 at about 80k. My daughter got the truck in 2012, she traded it in 2016 with 157k and that battery was still in it.

Installed one in my '67 Pontiac also in 2010, just replaced it May of 2019. And just installed one in my '12 Wrangler as replacement for the OEM one.

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If you're looking for a plain ol lead acid battery you won't go wrong with Interstate.

Also, if you have a batteries Plus in your area, stop in there and talk with them. A good selection and prices are competitive.

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Optima Red is in my truck.
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Interstate, and you should change batteries in pairs, otherwise the old but still good battery will wear down the new one.
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Project Farm-Which Car Battery is Best? Let's find out!


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Given current times I no longer care what brand name is on my batteries. All I care about is 'cost' and 'warranty'. As such, my last two batteries have been Walmart MAXX and they seem to be doing just fine.

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Walmart MAXX seems to hold up on my 3 pickups
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Around me Advance Auto will run sales and offer a $50 gift card with purchase of their gold battery. Those have done well for me but in south Texas the continual heat kills batteries, not cold. My batteries last about three years. I ran those on my diesels with no issues.
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I believe I remember reading on many forum battery threads that there are only two lead-acid battery manufacturers, and all nameplates are solely for marketing thereof.

I prefer the AGM form of battery, but hate to pay the top dollar for it. It is about $200 for a Group 48.

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Originally posted by PowerSurge:
I would go with EastPenn/Deka. Their batteries are sold under various other name brands.
The shop I've used for decades stopped carrying ACDelco and recommended Deka. "Good" or "Better" were my two choices and I replaced my OEM 6-year old ACDelco with the 'better' Deka. The 4.8L V8 again fires up like it is brand new ...
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Have had good luck with these, but since joining Costco, and they sell Interstate...

Lots of "internet scholars" claim that these are not the same (i.e. lower quality) Interstate batteries as the ones sold through other more traditional Interstate vendors like gas stations, mechanics...

Does anyone have first hand knowledge on this topic?

Originally posted by wxl:
Walmart MAXX seems to hold up on my 3 pickups

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Whatever brand, buy the most powerful that will fit in your truck. Same size batteries can differ in CCA, yet the cost difference is minor.
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There are only a few mass battery producers, HOWEVER they're made to different specs for Walmart and others, easiest to compare is the better battery is going to have the higher CCA and higher weight (AGM vs AGM, etc.) You also have some boutique manufacturers such as AGM Lifeline, etc. Get the highest CCA and warranty for your size. Even Deka has several levels of quality of battery. You want a real treat, go in the back of an Advanced Auto to use the restroom, look at the pallet of batteries they're shipping back (cores), most of them are Advanced Auto batteries, AND, most of them are relatively new......a year old +/-

Regular brands my preference would be
AC Delco or Diehard

Boutique brands are better than the above but much more expensive
AGM Lifeline
Optima- (these are no better than the normal batteries since they moved production to mexico several years ago).
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More or less mirrors my thoughts on the issue.
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Optima Red if it will fit (have one in my 2005 Tahoe, but they don't make one for my VW Golf).

Second option is the best battery that Napa has in stock with the high cold cranking amps.

Third option is an Interstate battery.

I try to buy my batteries at NAPA as there is almost always a Napa within a few miles even in rural areas. I live in a very rural area with only 3300 people in my town. We drive 25 miles to the next big town to get groceries and supplies.

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Everstart Maxx from Wal-Mart.
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Big fan of Maxx at Walmart. An added plus is that if you travel and the battery goes belly up, your warranty will be honored at any Walmart. I know.
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