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‘Titty babies’ comes to mind as a fitting alternative.
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"The deals you miss don’t hurt you”-B.D. Raney Sr.
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If you have to ask me to not call you a snowflake because it hurts your feelings, then you’re a snowflake.
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King Nothing
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I'm a millennial, born and raised in Southern California. I believe the highest compliment ever paid to me was a co-worker at a previous job asking me where I was from. When I asked what he meant, he asked if I was from the Midwest. I laughed and said no, and asked why. He said I couldn't be from So Cal because I didn't have a sense of entitlement, I just did what I was told and always did a good job of it. I showed up to work early, had a good attitude, and did my job without complaining and without a cell phone glued to a hand. I told him I was born and raised here, but my dad was from southern Indiana and his work ethic would put me shame. He was a child to Mexican farmers in Southern California and recalled working his ass to the bone on the farms everyday, forgoing school, to just help his family get by. I couldn't even compare, so his compliment to me that day meant a lot.

This thread just brings to the surface a lot of things I have thought about before. I'm glad my dad put my ass to work and laughed at the idea of an allowance. Nope, you bust your ass, sweat and occasionally bleed doing the chores because you do that as a part of the family. None of the $50 a week allowance for taking out trash like some of my friends. No exaggeration there either... I remember doing some roofing with my dad, tar everywhere and trying to hammer nails in. Well a nail stuck to the hammer and I drove it through my finger. My dad didn't even bat an eye, he just shrugged it off and kept doing his work. At first I was a little in shock, wtf do I do? His non response basically made me think fuck it, wash it off with some water and keep going. Pretty much none of my other millennial friends had this. They'd complain as a young 20 something that they'd have to stop playing xbox so mom could vacuum and get their laundry. Fucking baffling.

It just makes me think how overly easy a lot of parents were on millennials, thinking of a lot of my friends' situations versus mine. My parents were well off, dad was an aero space engineer and always lived well under his means. He always made us work hard. I remember getting a crappy minimum wage job, thinking this is awesome, it's easier work and I get paid! Ya the pay was shit, but I was hungry for more. Instead of crying for someone to pay me more, I busted my ass to get out there to EARN more. I'm doing pretty good right now, but still have that hunger and mindset that I can do better, and if I'm going to, it'll be by working at it. I understand parents wanting to provide a great, fun life for their kids, and jumping in to protect them at every instance, but ultimately it only hurts the kids. I feel like I'm a pretty hard dad, always trying to make my 5 and 2 year olds do anything I think they are capable of. When they cry about it, I buckle down and make them do it. I hope to instill the work ethic my dad instilled in me.

Little bit of a disjointed post, but I'm a bit buzzed. Hopefully some of my thoughts come across, but like I said, I think a lot about all this crap. Sometime I joke that I was probably born a generation or 2 too late. I could post much more on all this millennial crap, but I'm done for the night.

...Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel, is just a freight train coming your way...
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Not a problem. I'll just continue to refer to them as I have over the past few years as "worthless". And as I mentioned to a couple of my college aged son's more 'sensitive' friends, "I don't give a damn if I hurt your feelings. Buck up!"

Guns are awesome because they shoot solid lead freedom. Every man should have several guns. And several dogs, because a man with a cat is a woman. Kurt Schlichter
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Some years ago, a man wearing a campaign hat put his face very close to mine and yelled:
"Your shit is very, very weak"!
I think this spot on assessment nicely fits all our snowflakes.

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His diet consists of black
coffee, and sarcasm.
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If their mental health can be damaged by calling them a snowflake, maybe their mental health was weak to start with. There is a grain of truth in that, OK, maybe it is a little unfair to stereotype millennials, but stereotypes themselves have a grain of truth to them.
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Hey Snowflake, if you feel bad when someone calls your a Snowflake it's because your ARE A WHINY LITTLE SNOWFLAKE. Dont like it, then grow a pair, move out of Mommies Basement and GET A FREAKING JOB.

BTW, when I was young the most effective way to deal with a Bully was to Punch him square in the nose every time you saw that Bully. Yeah you would end up on the short end in the beginning but it would only take two or 3 times before that Bully started beating feet whenever he saw you. Because it is universal that a good punch in the nose hurts and folks generally just don't like getting punched in the nose.

I've stopped counting.
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