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Part of the family's summer vacation is a stop at each of these amusement parks. Cedar Point will be Tuesday the 16th, Kings Island will be Thursday the 18th. We have never been to Cedar Point, and while it has been years and years since I have been to Kings Island, I grew up going there.

My one main question for those who are in either area and go regularly; Since we will be there on a weekday, do I need to buy the Express Pass for either park?

We already have standard tickets to each park. They were something like $35 per ticket. The Express Pass is another $65.

On a Tuesday / Thursday am I looking at lines of 20-30 minutes for the good stuff? Or am I looking at lines of 1-2 hours for the good stuff?
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Been awhile since I've been to either. They didn't even offer express passes when I went last. But I never got on anything good in less than 30 minutes unless we were waiting at the gate in the morning and ran to the back of the park and got on something in its first couple circuits.

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I have no idea what the crowds are like mid-week in July. We've gone to Cedar Point at the end of May for the last 5 years. If you are staying there, you get in an hour early and they have 4 of the big coasters running.

This last time we were there on a Friday and had a bundled package with admission, a campsite, Fast Lane+, and the drink package. With the Fast Lane+, we rode Valravn 3 times in a half hour while the regular line was over an hour. We waited 30 minutes for Steel Vengeance while the regular line was over 3 hours. Top Thrill Dragster is hit or miss as it gets shut down often and some people choose to wait in line while it gets fixed. It opened back up as we were walking by it, so we walked past all of those people and got right on.

From what we saw, Fast Lane wouldn't have saved much time, but Fast Lane+ did.
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You will need the Fast Lane Plus Pass at Cedar Point in July if you visit on any day ending in a "Y".

Jam packed.

But - best Coasters in the country by far.
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I can't answer your question as it has been over 15 years since I went to either. BUT I love "The Beast" at Kings Island. Wooden roller coasters are a different level of cool.

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I live very close to Kings Island, and have for many years. You don't NEED to have a fast pass, but it will save you time. If you are there all day, I'd estimate four or five more rides than you would get otherwise, but it is highly variable. Its summer time, so weekdays may not save you for long waits. Whether a Fast Pass is a waste of money kind of depends on how much you like your money! You can see 30-45 minute waits on some rides without a Fast Pass, especially when it is hot out and the ride involves water, Some of the smaller stuff like the Racer shouldn't have much of a wait at all.

KI is starting work on a new giga-coaster, but it won't be up and running this year. I always recommend The Beast and Vortex as icons of the park, but The Racer is always a solid choice among us locals. It isn't all that big, but it's usually a short wait and its wood so it FEELS more dangerous than it is.

I'm not a huge fan of Invertigo, or whatever they are calling the one that goes forwards and then backwards. It just isn't as exciting as many of the other coasters, and it is too short. Adventure Express is fairly tame as well. I'd call it a stepping stone from the kiddie coasters rather than a real adult coaster. The Bat, Banshee, and Diamondback are good. Mystic Timbers is good but usually hella-crowded. Believe it or not, the Flying Ace Aerial Chase on the edge of the kids area is a surprisingly fun ride, even though it isn't all that big. It's worth a ride if the line is short.

- Bret
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I was just there 2 weeks ago. I’ll be there again this Sunday. The Fast Pass will get you a one time ride on the big rides, the Fast Pass Plus is unlimited rides were ever there is a Fast Pass Lane. We bought these just before Christmas for all the grandkids. It was a Cyber Monday Sale. Paid $75.00 for admittance and the Fast Pass Plus option. Heck of a deal. Have Fun!
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Fast Lane at both park does not include all the big coasters. Fast Lane Plus does.
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Man.. I live 20 min away from kings island and can see the roller coasters from where I work and I haven’t been there in years
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As a side note you probably already know, there is road construction in the immediate area. I's summer in Ohio.

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