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We’ve received five robo calls so far today informing us the Apple support has “detected suspicious activity with our Apple account.”

This must be why our big Nigerian payday has been delayed. Oh well...
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I have been enjoying videos lately of hackers trolling scammers in india. I cannot explain why its funny as it isnt that funny but i do enjoy when the tech support scammers steal a file that is a virus or ransomware.

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The scam calls seem to be coming from those of Indian-inflected voices (I occasionally *67 return their calls at odd hours). Finally with an iPhone, blocking calls is easy.

Another Indian-hatched scam: Ex-mum-in-law responded to a spam email, a Safari pop-up told her of malware, she called the number, and paid for both a consultation and lifetime malware detection on her MacBook Air.

When visiting, I saw the program running, questioned it, and was able to retrieve $500 of her $650 the 'security company' had extracted from her BANK ACCOUNT. Yes, mom surrendered her routing and account number to a voice on the phone, claiming to be Apple.
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One of my favorite scam baiters is Kitboga:

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Originally posted by Woodman:
Finally with an iPhone, blocking calls is easy.

With any smartphone, blocking calls is easy.


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This happened at my work place and I'm with the Service Desk. One of my customers fell for the malware and actually called. Fortunately, she did not give access or a CC # and decided to call me. Which is what she should have done in the first place... Ugh...


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