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Well, our 5yr old Maytag dishwasher quit working. The electronics on the control pad are jacked up. There are about half a dozen parts it could be that would run about $100. Due to the age we have decided to get a new one since they only last on average about 7 years.

My wife is looking hard at GE dishwashers running just south of $500. We have had KitchenAid, Whirlpool, and Maytag before. The motor in the KitchenAid had to be replaced inside of one year under warranty.

What BRAND of dishwasher do you prefer for durability/reliability.



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I’m a Whirlpool employee... but have always had good luck with KitchenAid products. The last KitchenAid dishwasher I had would damn near eat anything. Had a garbage disposal in it, and liked dirty dishes. My family was so impressed, they all bought similar when the time came and have been pleased. I will buy another when the time comes. Sent you an email that may assist you.
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I will say that our Bosch has been awesome, and so quiet.
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Bosch for sure.

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Our wirlpool died last month. We replaced it with a 48 DB LG direct drive model 713598 that was on sale at Lowes and added the extended warranty. So far so good. Cleans our dishes in 33 minutes and is very quiet. Stainless steel insides. Plenty of room for our needs. Easy install. We’re happy.
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Just got home from ordering a Bosch 39-dB dishwasher because I can't hear Brett Baier over the Whirlpool.
Have had several in rental houses and vacation home, worked very well, no major problems.

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Miele. It laughs at your seven years.

Or whatever ApplianceBrad sez.
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I was not impressed with the Bosch I had in Calgary. No idea what year it was manufactured, but it was there when I moved in in 2014 and there when I moved out in 2016. House was built in 2006, but don't know if the dishwasher was original or not.

I had a Kenmore installed when I lived in Anchorage and it was excellent (cleaned well, quiet, and took a reasonable amount of time to clean). Whomever Sears contracted to build them in 2014 did an excellent job.

The 2016 GE in my current house gets everything clean and is quiet, but the GD energy efficiency bullshit makes a load take 3.5 hours.

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I voted other. When we redid our kitchen a few years ago, we got a Miele (Futura Dimension) dishwasher. Hands down the best appliance we have ever owned. Gets baked on stuff off like nothing I’ve ever seen. Not cheap, but worth every penny.
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I had a GE installed in either 2013 or 14, can't remember which. I hated that damn thing from the start. I had to run it on the heavy duty cycle to get it to clean even lightly soiled dishes. It had trouble drying anything, was pretty loud, and took forever. I could not use it on the auto cycle because there would always be food residue left on the dishes. I was actually happy when the thing gave up the ghost several weeks ago. It was a mid tier (aprox $400) unit.

My parents purchased a Bosch about a year after I got my GE and were happy with it so I went with Bosch for the replacement. Night and day difference. My dishes are clean, the unit is quite, and it dries well even without a heating element. It also has a third rack at the very top just for silverware (not exclusive to Bosch). That frees up a lot of space on the bottom rack and works really well. It did cost more, list was about $750 at Lowes but between a sale they had and my mil discount it ran me about $550.

Bottom line: I will never get another GE and highly recommend Bosch.

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My parents have a Bosch, cleans well & is near silent.
Our house has a Frigidaire that is just adequate. Would not buy another to replace it.

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Lupe has been good, but I liked Maria better.

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