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Honeymooned on Barbados 17 years ago. I enjoyed it. Stayed at an Almond Beach resort. Found a cab driver that took care of us for a couple of days.

That said, I enjoyed Cayman more. Stayed once at a friend's place and once at the Reef Resort on the east end. They drive on the wrong side, but that is easy enough. Diving, great food, quiet nights.

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Originally posted by reloader-1:
Originally posted by AirmanJeff:
I just wanted to update this thread in case anyone was interested.

We ended up going to neither Barbados or USVI. I missed out on the deals at Sandals so by the time I went to book they only had the rooms well out of our price range. I scrambled and picked a place in Cancun that I heard was really nice. It's called Excellence Playa Mujeres and everything was amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better trip. I think I am still sweating out tequila and I gained about 10 lbs from all of the food. All inclusives are dangerous for people like myself who like to eat and drink.

If anyone is looking for a reasonably priced resort it's worth checking out. I also flew Spirit Airlines and had no problems at all (it helps that I get free bags too). I know both Cancun and Spirit can have shady reputations, but we had zero problems.

The Excellence Playa Mujeres is THE all inclusive resort to go to in Cancun. Glad you enjoyed it, that place is amazing!

A friend of mine referred me there, he travels all the time and he said it was the best all inclusive he's ever been to, so I figured I would give it a shot! We booked through travelocity and got a really good deal.

Originally posted by irreverent:

Glad you and your wife had a great time!

Thank you, we really did. First get away since our honeymoon so we made it count.

I also picked up some real cuban cigars down there, and smoked more than a couple while I was there.
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