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Be Well and Keep Your Rifle Clean
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Originally posted by Sig2340:
Dude in red desked the punk with one punch!!

I must note, however, that the "bully" probably lost about 90 IQ points from the desk impact, 90 IQ points he did not have to spare.

ETA: The very next video that came up was this gem:

It is definite proof of "mess with the bull...".

Does any one know if "recortador" means "bad Mexican acrobat"?

Sorry, but I know that one cannot have a negative I.Q., I think.


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The book stacker was warming up...
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Who else?
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I learned a long time ago, the more my opponent postures, hops and goads, the more frightened he is. He is to be had.

I also learned that almost all hoods and thugs do not know how to fight, let alone box.

Maintain situational awareness and teach him that over 90% of boxing matches are ended by a jab - by providing him one. And that even if he is still upright - the next few are landing of my placement and choosing.

Pride goeth before the fall.

And with an overhand left.

Homeboy learned something, alright.

Sometimes society in general is sick of your shit. And often you will not see it coming.
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