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06 Miata. I miss it everyday.

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I guess a cream colored 78 Saab 99 with a sliding sun roof. Built like a tank, key between the seats, back before AC was on most cars. I loved that car.
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1958 TR3A bored out to 150 cubes and fitted with twin Weber sidedrafts. Suspension tweaked too. It was a HOOT!

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Originally posted by Georgeair:
I'm lucky enough that both cars we have now perform at what would have been supercar levels in the 80s, but are mainstream now. Hell even our SUV outperforms a lot of "sporty" cars from a few years ago.

That said, we'd take back our '86 CRX that was our first new car in a heartbeat. LOVED that car, so much fun. Apparently we aren't alone - I have a perpetual search running on eBay and about once every 2 years a clean unmolested example will come up, usually for $6-8K. We paid $8600 in 1986....

I sold my 86 SI in 2012, I loved that car. Still had under 80K on the odometer and under 20k on the engine. Fun little car. Was a SCCA racer, had to rip all the harnesses and racing seat crap out. Destroyed a perfectly good donor car to make it drivable.

That 130hp car was such a blast, like a freaking go cart. It would actually smoke my current car if I tried to race the two. Was my fifth and last first gen CRX. If I could find another one that would be awesome. A rust free one is very hard to find.


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As much as I enjoyed my 5 speed 1990 Grand Am, no doubt I want my 78 Trans Am back.

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For me it would be my 2002 Ford F150. It was fire engine red, extended cab, 4x4 with off road package.

I loved that truck, but about 4 years ago the rust finally did her in.
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1972 Chevy Impala. Green. 2 doors. Vinyl roof. It had a 350 engine with a Rochester 2GV carb and a Turbo-hydramatic 350 transmission. Loved that car.

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Midnight blue '68 Mustang convertible. I want the 8-track too.


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My 1973 Gran Torino with the 351 Cleveland. I loved that car.

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Originally posted by Z06:
Out of the 46 four-wheel and 12 two-wheel vehicles I have owned since 1964 there is one that is above all the others:

My 1967 Firebird 400 convertible, 4-speed manual, hood tach, red w/black interior. I had it from June ’67 (new) until August 1971. Bought in Portland, OR and traded in Glendale, CA. Four great years in LA @ college, rarely putting up the top!

Many of the others were faster, better crafted (9 Germans), and much higher on the automotive “foodchain” than my red Pontiac… but it is the only one I REALLY regret letting go.

Mine was a 68 hardtop in black. It is the one I want back.

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1969 Mustang yellow convertible with a 302. It was an automatic and not terribly fast, but it was a lot of fun to drive. Among the newer cars, I wish I had back my 2007 Honda S2000. It was yellow with a black interior, ran great and handled like a dream.
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My first car, an 81 Malibu 2 door. Lame 6cyl, 3 speed auto. Drove it for about 3 years and sold it to help pay my last year of college. I should've quit school and kept the damn car. Kick myself every time I think about it. May try to find another one when I have the space.

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A 1970 BOSS 302, Grabber Blue, shaker, slats, close ratio transmission, PS, also had the oil cooler with a Detroit locker (a rare option for that car)- which made the inside rear tire chirp going around corners. But I like my newer one now, faster, more power, handles better and has AC (something you couldn't get with the original Boss).

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A decade ago compiled a list of nearly 200 various rigs since 1961 that I've 'owned'.

The common component was the sense of adventure and joy in anticipation of the use thereof;

followed by discovering whether to lure the beasties further down the trail with bags of money or just getting out to walk away.

Some of the best rides for the money, were:
65 beetle; 60 Studebaker Lark; 55 Buick Roadmaster; 47 Cadillac Convertible; 58 Mercedes 200S; 49 Cadillac 62S; 65 Dodge Dart; Datsun 1600 Fairlady; there's lots more.

Any of those I'd gladly welcome home.

Ford trucks, Chevy Pick Ups, Dodge Pick ups, all made me money.

Ford cars, new Mercedes sedans, new sports cars, all were too much squeeze for the juice they produced.

If Saab made a new 1968 version of their 96 V4 sedan I'd buy it in the morning.

I've come to enjoy JK Wranglers far more than the older versions.

And I'm about to re-inherit my dad's 1973 Chev Camper Special 3/4 ton pick up with under 90000 original miles.
454/Air/Auto/ does what I need. What could be better?

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1969 Cougar Eliminator, medium blue metallic, white stripe & white interior. 351W 4V & auto transmission.
I really miss that car.
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Lets see...914/6 !!!


Tom Johansen
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1993 mustang GT 5.0. Had it in high school. Cars are faster and better now, but I loved cruising in that car.

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1973 Mercury Capri.

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1972 911T
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Not mine but it was the same -

Otherwise my 1980 Cutlass Supreme Brougham with a 330 4 BBL that came out of a 1965 Cutlass Supreme

or - maybe my 1979 Mustang Cobra I had for 3 days before my date crashed it Frown With a 302 in that little body that care went like a raped ape!

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