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Many thanks to nhtagmember for his gracious hospitality when KatnDog and I visited Tucson a few weeks ago.

We covered Tucson from the desert floor to the mountain tops overlooking the valley. Nhtag arranged for a complete tour and spent all Saturday as our tour guide.

Some pix from the visit:

Here is KatNDog and Nhtag looking for birds in the aviary section of the Desert Museum:

Nhtag snapped our picture in front of the bighorns:

"Now my acreage starts about there and ends about here..."

At the end of the day we picked up a fourth, Bandit:


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Glad you enjoyed your trip to AZ.

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Great pics, thanks.

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Sweet! I was in Tucson last fall but was too busy for work to see much - I wanted to make the observatories but never had enough notice to buy tickets in time.
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I had a blast as well - thanks for giving me a break from the usual Smile

hope to see you all again

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Lots of hospitable members here. Glad you guys met up.

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Thanks NHTag. And Bandit - what a cutie
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