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One a month, plus a few other per year. The monthly one to the gas and electric company. The reason is I want to continue getting my bill with usage on it. The others include 2 per year for my license plates and an occasional one for something else.

I receive one per month from my "employer". At my advanced age I'd rather they direct deposit. Must be cheaper for them to write a check. I guess. I don't want to make waves. I like my monthly salary and don't want it to end.

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No provision online to pay my rent, so check it is. I also write one to the electric company because nobody will print less than 200 checks at a time, so I might as well use them up. I don't have to. I could just as easily use my credit union's bill paying service. Everything else is paid at point of sale with debit or credit card, or online.
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Retired and write 3-4 checks per year.

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Maybe 15/year.
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A few a month. It's how my wife pays our babysitter, our daughter's swim coach, & school tuition. The babysitter gets at least a couple a month.


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only when I have to, which is almost never, except for some backwards contractor who doesn't take cash or more modern means of payment.

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Only about four to five a year , we pay monthly bills online or via phone with no problem.
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Just a few per month for bills.
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Less than one a month since I started using my bank's bill-pay system. I register my recipients with the bank which then pays them when I authorize it; I don't register with the payees' bill-pay systems.
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The wife pays all the monthly bills by check. Pretty much the only time they are used.

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Probably 10 per year.

Side note, but the folks in this thread that think paying by check is safer or more secure than paying online with a credit card need to do a bit more research on the matter.


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Once a month to the lawn service, donations to the church, and taxing authorities.

So not a lot, say 5-6 a month.
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I rarely write a check.
Every once in awhile health insurance sends me a reimbursement check for something the wife paid for, I'll write her a check for that amount.
We have separate checking accounts.

I do carry a personal check in my wallet, just in case.
Last time I used it was at a gun show.
+ 3% with a debit or credit card, but a personal check was same as cash.

So I wrote them a check...
They gave me a +2 mag base on the house..

Otherwise, no written checks from me...

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Originally posted by GaryBF:
I pay all of my bills by check. I don't trust electronic bill paying, cell phone apps, and most other high tech BS.

I would point out your check has your account number on it. Anyone along the chain of custody can steal your account number and raid your bank account. I've had that happen.

I try to pay everything with credit card. Much safer. I only write a few checks per year when forced into it.
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Maybe once a year. Maybe.

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Rent only.


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Originally posted by HRK:
Need a "none of the above"

Personal, yes - occasionally 5 maybe 10 a year if that

^^^ This.

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Prefer to pay monthly bills by check
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No, I quit using checks at least 5-6 years ago.
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Personal, 3-4 per month and EFT's for utilities and credit card payments. Business checks all month long.

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