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Been dealing with them for years with no issues. They can be a bit higher priced on some items than other online vendors though.


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Midway is good to go. They rarely mess up and when they do issues are resolved quickly. Prices aren't always the cheapest but they are consistent.
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Originally posted by hairy2dawg:
Been dealing with them since before I had internet. Had to order from catalog. Never had any problems. I'd say 25+ years

I started buying from them before they were nationwide, when I was a student at MU in 1978. They were just a gun shop that sold lots of reloading supplies then. I bought a Lee Loader for my S&W 66. I think a 100 cast SWC .357 bullets was less than $4.
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I shop around for accessories etc., and Midway is not always the best deal when you include shipping. But they often are, and I've been dealing with them for many years with excellent satisfaction. My only gripe is that a return is credited as a Midway credit for further use. Maybe I missed the option to credit your card back, but I got the Midway credit once, and it took me a good while to use it up.

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I have ordered from them for years and have no complaints.

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