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Originally posted by parallel:
What else can they do?

Call the NON-EMERGENCY number that pretty much every agency in the Country has. I get why they turn to law enforcement (you outlined it beautifully) but calling 911 is just idiotic.

Because every squad car in America has 911 on it and not the Non Emergency line.
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Been a long time since I posted anything. Glad to be back.
In Klamath Falls any Police or Fire calls that are after hours go direct to the 911 Center, I don't know how the Portland calls are handled.
The homeless issue in Portland is not new, business have threatened to leave Portland because their employees are hassled or threatened by homeless people, not to mention the trash and human waste on their business grounds, or front door.
A couple of years ago in Portland a man was waiting for the bus when a homeless man walked up to him, said I'm going to stab you, and did. About a year ago in Klamath Falls a man took an ax to an ATM machine, then threatened bank employees and the public. I have to confess I don't know if he was homeless or not but its a very public display of violence by a disturbed person. Several years ago I worked with a mentally disabled man, he was probably a 5 or 6 years old mentally. One day he saw a drunk homeless man on the sidewalk and went up to him and said he shouldn't drink. He was a 5 year old that didn't know any better, and the homeless guy kicked the crap out of him. I only know of isolated cases of violence but I'm only one person, I strongly believe there are many more cases of violence that I don't know about.
Over the years I've told several homeless people to shove off and that was the end of it but if I feel the least bit threatened you bet I call 911. The police have much more training to decipher if a mentally ill person is violent or not, and how to resolve the situation calmly or with force when necessary. I'm 67 now and right on the verge of not able to defend myself, some people I can't defend myself. Another few years I won't tell people to shove off because if they start arguing I won't be able to protect myself
The problem in Portland is self inflicted, it really won't help to hire more Police because the leadership will tell them to NOT do their job. It's been said several times in this thread but until Portland elects sane people then they only themselves to blame.
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I go to Portland fairly often... it sucks.
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