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My 2.5yr old grandson has Stage 4 Cancer Update 4-30-20 Pg16. Was cancer free for 6 months, Cancer has returned. Login/Join 
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Our youngest grandson Titus travelled with us from Virginia to Arizona as we transitioned into retirement. We left Virginia on Nov. 24th. Our other grandson joined us in late Dec. and we all had a grand old time with the holidays and such.

Around the 14th of Jan. we noticed a bump just above the temple on the left side of his head with some slight bruising. We thought it was just from knocking his head on something around out playing at the ranch or some such. He had no complaints about it and we could find no associated trauma or indicators that it was serious. About a week later it was still there and slightly larger so we decided a trip to the ER was in order. ER Doc called it periorbital cellulitis, gave us some antibiotics and recommended we see the regular doc for a follow up in 2-3 days. Follow up GP doc says he doesn't think it it the cellulitis and to have it check out by his pediatric doc upon his return to virginia with our daughter. Daughter had an appointment this past monday and the his primary care doc was not happy. Ordered CT scan and CBC. CT scan Yesterday 5 Feb, showed tumors on both left and right temples. CBC returned low hemoglobin, white blood cell count, and platelets. Blood transfusion was this morning to combat anemia. Todays MRI showed another tumor in his abdomen. Confirmed CT scan and diagnosis of Neuroblastoma.

Tomorrow he will have a biopsy of the abdominal tumor, bone marrow samples from left and right sides of the pelvis, and a post put in his pectoral area for fluids and chemo. Chemo treatment starts on Friday.

If there is a silver lining it is that this form of cancer is very treatable and curable. It was caught reasonably early, although it may have been growing prenatal. Very high survival rates for a 2.5yr old. He is at Children's Hospital Kings Dominion which has some of the best available docs and resources for this. His dad and my daughter are currently divorcing, but on good terms. His dad was in Korea deployed, but is on his way home and will be there before surgery tomorrow.

As good as life is, I can never quite grasp it's obligation to kick me in the balls when it's just not necessary. I am heartbroken for our grandson and our daughter.

My wife lost a child stillborn two years before we met. My daughter was abused and assaulted sexually by my ex's 3rd husband, she came to live with us at 14 in 2005. Tomorrow will be the second anniversary of our sons passing at 24yrs old from a tragic firearms accident. I'm not sure how much more of this we or I can handle. I've tried my hardest to live a good life, do the right thing especially when no one is looking. Fuck me, enough is enough.

Fuck me! Fuck cancer, this is fucking bullshit!

I'm here and I am ok, but I am really hurt by life right now.

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That's heartbreaking news. My daughter is just a little bit older than your grandson, and something like that with her would likely bring me to my knees. God bless. All the prayers I can muster are heading to your grandson.


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Prayers sent for young Titus, and for you and your family.

Seeing a child so young deal with something so harsh is absolutely heartbreaking.

God bless America.
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my God...I can’t imagine! Good luck to your grandson, daughter and guys are due a big break! prayers sent

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I'm adding a prayer now for the child and your family. I really like the part about doing the right thing when no one is looking, it's almost like a code I live by these days. Keep on, and please have faith, things are in motion. Sometimes we get hurt, frustrated, tired of the pain, but I'm a strong believer God takes note, he hears the suffering of the faithful. We're here, and share your pain, your anger, cancer is horrible, you're certainly not alone there Godspeed little one...

Regards, Will G.
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Your family is in my prayers.

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Very tough to hear. Glad it is a treatable situation. He, his family and you have my prayers.
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I truly hope everything turns out well.


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So sorry to hear this. Will be praying for him and all of your family. I’m glad to hear it’s very treatable!


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I am sorry to hear this.
Will remember your family in my prayers!

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You are in my thoughts and prayers.

We went through two bouts of cancer with our oldest, the last requiring a bone marrow transplant. He is now 17 years cancer free. We are so fortunate with the outcome. I'm glad to hear of the optimistic prognosis for your grandson.

It was hard to appreciate it at the time but we met and were helped in so many different ways by folks from all walks of life. I discovered how tough my son really was, stopping to puke whils't laying in his hospital bed doing homework; I gained a profound admiration for those caring for kids in the pediatric oncology units where my son stayed. The dedication and courage they showed every day was amazing.

I will pray for the doctors, nurses, and others who care for your grandson.

You are right, fuck cancer.

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I am praying for your grandson and for all of you.
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So terribly sorry to hear of this. Definitely praying for him, have faith.

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Thoughts and prayer inbound for your grandson.


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I'm very sorry to hear this but thankful the prognosis is good. I'll be praying for your grandson, family and you.

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Horrible news but good prognosis. Thoughts and prayers!

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I'm sorry for what's happening. Your still standing and that's something. Way back when I was in school, my shop teacher used to say, life is a test. Yours seems pretty tough but your passing. I think you will be there for all of your family!

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Prayers sent.

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Prayers sent. Kids are TOUGH. Tougher than many adults cuz they know no better. Little guy will pull though.

What is most terrifying and heartbreaking is after a certain age we are all one kind of bastard or another and due our own karma. Children are so truly innocent and deserve nothing less then love and the innocence of childhood.

Once again prayers sent and deep down I know this too shall pass and in the long run will be harder on you then the little guy. Be tough.

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Prayers sent man.
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