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Picture of SIGGUY (THE 1ST)
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I believe it was "do you mind if we dance wit yo dates?. eiher way, a favorite movie of mine and sad to go too young. RIP.

-------------------------------------------------------2/28/2015 ~ Rest in peace Dad. Lt Commander E.G.E. USN Love you.
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Get Off My Lawn
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Flounder stole every scene he appeared in, perhaps more so than Belushi. Even when they show his slide on screen, he stole it.

One of my favorites.

"Did IQ's just drop sharply while I was away?"- Ellen Ripley, Aliens, 1986
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And say my glory was
I had such friends.
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Sigguy, you are correct. Dates.
Great movie.

"I don't shoot well, but I shoot often." - Pres. T. Roosevelt
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Official Space Nerd
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No arsenal is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.
Ronald Reagan
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