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Another one gone Frown

Martin Landau, a celebrated actor with dozens of movie and TV credits to his name, including the “Mission: Impossible” television series, has died at age 89, Fox News has confirmed.

Landau died around 1:30 PT on Saturday following “unexpected complications” while he was hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center.

The prolific actor’s most notable credits included the “Mission: Impossible” television series, Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film “North by Northwest,” and his role in “Ed Wood,” for which he won an Oscar.

Landau got his start as a newspaper cartoonist at the New York Daily News, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He was 17 when he began at the news outlet, and quit five years later to pursue an acting career after turning down a promotion.

He was also “an admired acting teacher,” to students like Jack Nicholson.

The beloved actor got his start on-screen in the 1950s. TMZ reported he appeared in almost 200 films and television shows and “worked until his death.”

Landau quit "Mission: Impossible" after three seasons in 1969 due to a contract dispute, according to THR. He finally became an Academy Award winner for his role in Tim Burton's "Ed Wood" in 1994 after previously losing out to Kevin Kline and Denzel Washington.

The legendary actor dated Marilyn Monroe for several months and was best friends with James Dean in the 1950s.

Landau, who was born in Brooklyn, is survived by two daughters from his marriage with "Mission: Impossible" co-star Barbara Bain.
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Loved Space 1999 as a kid. RIP

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I always enjoyed Space: 1999. Although it's quite dated now, Mr. Landau acted his heart out for it.


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He was good in everything I ever saw him in. RIP.
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I liked him in everything he was in

I grew up on Space 1999


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Just saw him the other night on Twilight Zone.

Had to tell the wife about him (she was born in the late 60s)

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Sheeesh - he was Rollin Hand on MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE !!!

When I was a boy, he was the coolest dude on TV!

Many years later, he was in EDTV, and he looked wayyy old. Made me sad. But, then, I thought, "Hey - he's still workin' and acting like the professional he's always been!"

RIP Mr. Landau - thanks for all the great entertainment!

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He was fantastic in Ed Wood.
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Owned every scene he was in in Rounders.

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Marty was from Flatbush Brooklyn, and my dad and uncle knew him from the old neighborhood. He was more my uncle's friend as my dad was a bit older. After high school they all went their seperate ways and the rest is history.

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I remember reading that he turned down the role of Spock.


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He was a cool dude. RIP, sir.
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RIP. Coincidentally, my wife and I just re-watched North by Northwest a couple nights ago.

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