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I have an iPad2 that I would like to give my mother to use to read, the Kindle app is installed, however the library has several options (Update she does have a card to the library, the following are the listed programs on their web page)


Are any of these better than the other, do you need combinations of these to get to a better source of material.


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She will first need a library card, the app, at least with my library is Overdrive Media Console which I downloaded direct from my library. It works quite well. Simply select the book she wants, if it is available, download it and transfer it to the iPad. They normally have to 'returned' within 7 to 14 days, return meaning it won't play after the time has expired. For books that are not available she can select to be on the wait list. When it comes up she will get an email to download it.

In my case I use audio books and use my headphones.

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I use Overdrive/Libby. I enjoy it, it's pretty intuitive, and I have never had any issues with it. Set up your library card once and you don't have to "log in" again.

Can't speak to any of the other ones.
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I use Hoopla and it works great with my county library. May borrow up to five titles a month including audio books and videos.

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My library provides access to audiobooks on Hoopla and ebooks on Overdrive/Libby.


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I use Libby in CT . The app is easy and works.

The problem is I'm always stuck waiting for the book to come available.

I got frustrated and went with kindle unlimited and no more stress waiting for library to purchase more digital licenses to loan out.

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I originally used my local library with an iPad and the Overdrive junk. Books were in ePub format. My advice, get a Kindle. You don't need proprietary software to read books, and you just go to your library's e-site and download them as Kindle books. One thing I discovered after the switch is there is a much bigger selection available as Kindle books than as ePub books. Plus, you can read a Kindle outside in the sunlight (or outside in general) where the iPad fails miserably.

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