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I made it so far,
now I'll go for more
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Like the title says. Any ideas?
I jump thru the hoops and get to the select step and poof, gone. :-/

I’d like to list some stuff for sale, pics of them would help.


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Zero problems here with Imgur.

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I have no problems with it.

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Personally, I can't see anything posted on Imgur, so can't help you.

They will only let you see images they host, if you let them set their tracking cookies.

Big bundle of nope.

If you're looking for a decent free photo hosting site with none of the Imugr nonsense, you may want to give Postimage a look.
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It's been whacky for me, too. For other than free photo hosting that allows hot-linking, I don't have much use for it, lately. I try and scroll through the main page and it freezes and reloads. Makes if unworkable for me for the most part after a few minutes. Didn't used to be like that. Maybe I haven system issue on my end, but it seems to have developed overnight, and I haven't changed any system settings. Logging in with my Yahoo account stopped working, too. Trying that takes me to the "Oops, something went wrong" page. So I had to enter my user name and password and save it.

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Is there an easy to use photo host?

I've never had luck with IMGUR.


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I had problems with them after I signed up, but went back there after a couple weeks and it worked fine.

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I really liked Imgur after dropping photobucket but recently they've changed the format and I cannot for the life of me get a picture to save when trying to re-size.
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I use my own site:

This is where my signature goes.
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imgur just worked fine for me.
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No problems on my end that I know about.

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