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Until recently I had two bikes collecting dust. An Ultra, and a Heritage.I bought the Ultra thinking that when I retired I'd be taking trips. Boy was I wrong. Our son will be 10 this Fall and he plays baseball 3x a week, and I help coach. There went that idea. And since he's an only child, the warden and I decided that we weren't riding on the same bike anymore. The chances of both of us getting squished at the same time are remote, but still there are no real alternatives to where he would go. So I sold the Ultra and kept the Heritage. Been out a total of twice this Summer. None of my friends are out and about because of covid, and I enjoy riding in small groups. Maybe when things cool off this Fall I'll get out. She sits on her battery tender ready to go and fully serviced about 200 miles ago.
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Thank you
Very little
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Been there, got the t-shirt, in black of course....

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This is the first summer in years that I have ridden my bike. Between back and neck problems,it has just been sitting. Took it and had the rear brake bled and decided to ride it a little.
I wish I had tried to ride the other years(4).
My wife wants me to sell it and get a 3 wheeler of some kind. I love riding though.

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Originally posted by PHPaul:
The trailer isn't a problem, I have a fleet of them (4 at the moment).

Money for gas and motels is a minor issue, but an issue.

Leaving Mama home alone for a week or more while I go out and play is a non-starter.

Coming with is not an option. Not physically up to riding the back seat on the bike, and damn sure isn't going to sit in motel all day while I'm out riding.

Well if she doesn't want you to be away from her, and she doesn't want to ride with you, you're just limited to short rides from home. And for that as I mentioned a smaller dual sport bike may be just the ticket, something like one of the 250's by Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki or maybe a Suzuki DR650. With one of these you can have fun seeking out and riding the roads that you would be avoiding on the FJ-09.

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Finally caught a day when I had nothing better to do and the weather cooperated.

Solved the "been there, done that" conundrum by heading to my older daughter's new digs to check them out. About 130 miles one way. Took mostly back roads on the way down and then hit the Interstate on the way home.

I normally try to avoid the "I" as boring, but it was kind of fun for a change. 80 miles from Augusta to Bangor running between 70 and 85 all the way. It's 20-ish miles longer that way, but MUCH faster. Don't often find the need to use 6th gear on the FJ, but that puts the motor right in it's sweet spot (4500-5000 RPM) at interstate cruising speed.

Didn't tell her I was coming. She moved to a group home for my grandson who is profoundly autistic. She has her own apartment and Shaun has his, along with 24/7 supervision/assistance. Gives her a break and is a start on transitioning him from complete dependence on his Mom. He's 19.

The looks from the crew when I pulled up on the bike were priceless. They had absolutely no clue who it was even after I took my helmet off.

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Mid to high 90’s and humidity yesterday. I got a solid twisty run in, a tank and a half of fuel. Great cornering but since it was a Saturday, had to put in much more passing maneuvers compared to Sunday. Heat and humidity only got to me at a light, which I only encountered 2-3 times all day. Once you hit 80 mph, in a fully perfed suit, it’s just fine. I did stop half way through and hit a bottled water with electrolytes. That made a massive difference. There is a 2 mile straight between corners with zero traffic, no houses or structures on either side, that is my Kessel Run. Allows the motor to stretch its legs. Last corner is a long right sweeper you can take in 2nd or 3rd gear. You keep it in 2nd to keep the RPM’s up, then upon corner exit, WFO, I was pulling hard at the end of 5th gear before I let go the throttle Made my week.

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Glad you got through the slump. The GF and I took the Harleys out this past weekend. Like you, had to kind of force myself to get all geared up.
We put a couple hundred miles on the bikes. Wound up having a good time.
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Just got approved for my next interventional device:
2020 BMW R 1250 GS.
From the fine folks who co-sponsored WWII!
I just have to ride 180 miles to get the damn thing. Eek

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