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I’d sorta been taking charge of making sure my dept was getting everything cleared out and taking initiative when anything needed to be done. I have no ambitions on a management promotion because of the way the company is run. This morning I’m told (not asked) that I’m the official team lead for the dept. It means I get to do my regular job duties plus about half of the manager’s job. Oh but no extra pay or compensation. Mad Roll Eyes
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You obviously haven’t read enough “Dilbert”. “Wally” is a master at not working. Roll Eyes

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it." — Mark Twain
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Thats the way it usually happens. Good luck!
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That's just the
Flomax talking
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The reward will come in due time. Managemant may want to see how you do before giving you a raise.
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Do No Harm,
Do Know Harm
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I figured out how to fix this in my little world.

I'm tasked with a few different hats at work. Last time I taught at our academy for a week, my boss complained about me being gone too much.

Last week I taught...and came in after. We had several big things going on. On Friday when my boss looked at my time card and saw 68 hours for the week (technically 72), he freaked and sent me home early Big Grin

Knowing what one is talking about is widely admired but not strictly required here.

Although sometimes distracting, there is often a certain entertainment value to this easy standard.

"All I need is a WAR ON DRUGS reference and I got myself a police thread BINGO." -jljones
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Through a series of "no, fuck you, I'm retiring instead's I am now doing the work that used to be done by four people. A mission impossible, but I'm doing it. Sort of. Barely. But they just keep pushing for more and more. So I was yelling at my boss on Wednesday, "they should be kissing my ass saying "we can't believe you're doing this all by yourself", but instead I get this bullshit." So on Friday I was kind of yelling at him again, not just about me, but also in regards to the 25 guys under me. I told him "Hard work is rewarded with more work. The worst possible thing you can do around here is a good job." Sad, but but dead accurate.

Sliced bread, the greatest thing since the 1911.

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Take the risk or
lose the chance
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No good deed......

(You know the rest.)

“The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”
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This !!!!! And pretty soon your supervisor will reap all of the credit and get a raise. Happens all of the time unless you start blowing your own horn and start taking credit where credit is due. Yeah , I know sounds like an egotistical move but you got to take care of yourself because no one else will.

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"Para ser libre, un hombre debe tener tres cosas, la tierra, una educacion y un fusil. Siempre un fusil !" (Emiliano Zapata)
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Three Generations
of Service
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I hired on at the cannery as a maintenance mechanic. Parts changing, minor welding, light plumbing, some pneumatics.

Seeing as I had some computer background, I troubleshot and repaired a couple of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) problems just because I could. Prior to me doing it, they called the guy from HQ, paid some humungous per diem and waited 2-3 days to fix it. Became my job, no extra pay.

Seeing as I had some electrical experience, I started troubleshooting and repairing electrical issues. Prior to me doing it, they called the electrician from 70 miles away, paid him $65/hr from the time he hung up until he got home again. Sometimes the same day, sometimes not. Became my job, no extra pay.

Seeing as I knew how, I started designing, building and installing simple electrical, electro-mechanical and pneumatic control systems. Guy from HQ again. Became my job, no extra pay.

Seeing as I knew how, I started maintaining the LAN, replacing routers/switches/patch panels, running CAT5 cable, etc. Not sure who did it before, but he was a fucking slob. Never used a cable tie or an equipment rack. Became my job, no extra pay.

Every. Single. Time. Lots of talk about a pay raise, absolutely zero action for four years.

Then they were shocked when I quit and got a higher paying job for MUCH less effort: counting bullets and cleaning weapons.

Be careful when following the masses. Sometimes the M is silent.
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Originally posted by m1009:
Thats the way it usually happens. Good luck!

Yep. Too often I've worked for people who did not deal with poor performers but instead heaped work on the good workers.
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12 different jobs in 35 years
1) excellent employer
1) very good employer
2) good employer's
4) tolerable
4 ) grade A, A hole shit for brains

Safety, Situational Awareness and proficiency.

Neck Ties, Hats and ammo brass, Never ,ever touch'em w/o asking first
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safe & sound
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No matter what you give, some people always expect more. That puts you in a bad position when you're already giving it everything you've got.

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A friend of mine had this bumper sticker inside the lid of his toolbox: "Doing a good job here is like working in a whorehouse: The better you perform, the more often you get screwed." Big Grin
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Hop head
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when I was in the grocery business, I was promoted to a nasty part of town,

store was remodeled, took it to a new record for sales, improved shrink, and customer service

took a few years , and some help,

was then promoted to a similar store in a better part of a town,

was there a year and was voluntold to go back to a hood store,

protested, did not work, got a raise, sent to a hell hole, and was told I was a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

victim of my own success

assholes did not know how insulting that was,

I no longer work for that company
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I hired on with a company as a senior engineer and then was promoted to Supervisor of Engineering with fifteen employees, but they didn't replace me. The Supervisor of Maintenance retired and they added his job to mine with twenty-five employees. Now I was doing the two supervisor jobs plus the senior engineer job. They started a major project and made me the project manager. I was getting very high evaluations and getting bonuses for employee of the month, quarter, and year.

My director retired and they promoted the vice-president's buddy as my director. He knew less than nothing about what the department did. I was told I had to train him so he could do his job.

Another company made an offer to buy our company. The new company posted the job descriptions under the new company. The director position was word for word my resume.

I received an unacceptable evaluation and was put on probation by my director who would have been out of a new job in the new company. He planned to fire me before the merger. After evaluation, the new company decided they wanted nothing to do with our company because of the senior management and dropped their offer to buy us.

Another company made an offer to buy our company and it went through. Rumors were going around about early retirements and severance offers. Someone asked me what it would take for me to accept an offer. I told them five dollars. The early retirement offer, severance package, and early signing bonus were very generous. The company had gone from a wonderful place to work to a horrible place to work in less than two years

U.S. Army, Retired
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Go ahead punk, make my day
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That’s the way it always is.

5-10% of the people acutally do the work, the rest just chud along getting paid.
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A Grateful American
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Start consistently screwing up as the lead, and they will promote you to manager.

(I read Dilbert...)

"the meaning of life, is to give life meaning" I could explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.
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too mean to quit!
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I spent a long career in IBM. Ended up one level below corporate management. How did that happen?

Lots of really hard work, long hours (60+ per week) Getting the jobs done on time (usually early) and below projected costs. Was it easy?

No, it was not, but that was what my personal need/drive required me to do.

As another response here indicated, perhaps management is actually testing to see how the person responds, and how much talent/performance the individual has.


There has never been an occasion where a people gave up their weapons in the interest of peace that didn't end in their massacre. (Louis L'Amour)

"To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical. "
-Thomas Jefferson

"America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great." Alexis de Tocqueville


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The way the company is structured there’s no level between hourly peon and management. There’s no negotiating raises or anything, fixed pay scale. The starting manager pay is more than I make on an annual basis but the amount of time required each week puts them making less per hour on average. Upper management has been a complete wreck in that place for years and I want not part of dealing with that and the whining from the masses of idiot hourly people. I just want to do my job and GTFO at night.
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First employee I had ever fired on the spot:
Popular guy, worked in the field as installer. Two man team. We had several projects come due in the same time frame, so I gave the employees the old "110%" speech. This employee spoke up and said he was already giving 100% and RESENTED being asked to work harder. Said I was actually saying that he was not working at 100% and insulting him. He didn't know that I had a received a scheduling call the day before from one of the contractor's field supervisors and was told that I only needed to send one man, not two, as one worked while the other didn't..... Fired him right there in front all the employees. Had he not mouthed off I would have just counseled him about the complaint.

Near the ocean
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