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Originally posted by 64dodge:
Originally posted by rtquig:
My son started working at WalMart in July. He stocks shelfs and goes in the frozen room which he likes to work In. When he got the job, they started him at $13, but told him after labor day the pay goes down to $11. I told him to work slower after labor day. It is a job until he finds something else which I think will happen when all the summer people go back to school. He starts work at 0400 to 1300 hours. Never heard him say anything bad, he is a quiet gentle giant.

He started out at $13.00/hour with the promise of a $2.00/hour pay CUT in the future? Isn't that somewhat counter-intuitive?

I agree 100%. What incentive is that to stay on your job. He should be payed more just for the fact he starts at 0400. His first job, he is putting out resumes and applying for other jobs.

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8 years ago we chided Wal Mart for this move to self checkout, dozens of patrons would not even consider it.

they added 4 more self check outs last year,
because of customer demand.

as long as they provide assistance , I use it 50% of the time

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Originally posted by 92fstech:
Stores in the US need to be more like stores in eastern Europe in 1993. You'd bring all your stuff up to the cash register, where a highly competent employee grabs them, manually types in the prices at lightning fast speed, and then throws them down the chute to the bagging area. You bring your own bags, and after loading everything onto the conveyor, run around to the bagging side and try to keep up with the cashier lady as you frantically stuff the items she passes down into your bag. If you don't keep up, or in any way slow down the process, she berates and swears at you...all the time typing in prices so fast you can't see her fingers.

And you'd better damn well have exact change...and it damn well be ready when she's done typing, or there will be more cussing. I even saw them go through customer's coin purses and count it out themselves because the customer was too slow. Kinda flies in the face of our American sensibilities, but it sure kept the lines moving, and provided entertainment at the same time Big Grin.

Or go to the ones I went to when I lived in UA....they would whip out the abacus.......god only knows if they cheated me, I had not used one since kindergarten in '79. Wink

When my wife complains I ask here if she would rather the abacus.....then I duck
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Need a couple padded envelopes so to WallyWorld I ventured at 7am. Cost was under $2. The only open registers were at the other end of the store and I simply didn't want to hobble that distance with my cane. Frown So I asked the clerk who was hovering around the area I was in to show me how to use the self check out. Scan, insert a couple greenbacks, get change and receipt. Pretty painless. And again, this was my first ever self checkout anywhere. Always avoided them as I saw too many customers having issues in the past and requiring a clerk to straighten things out.

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Originally posted by Aquabird:

went to Sams a few days ago and they have converted HALF of they lanes to self checkout.
At our Sam's the food court is self service - you order at a kiosk and then pick it up at the counter.
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I would like to make a suggestion to my local Walmart. They should put a S&W Model 29 with an eight inch barrel mounted on a chain hanging at each self check register. Customers would then not have to yell for help when the scanner craps out, or it hollers, "unexpected item in bagging area.

They would just take the revolver in hand an permanently retire that scanner/ Sound like a good idea? Roll Eyes

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Originally posted by bald1:

customers having issues <snip> and requiring a clerk to straighten things out.
I had maybe fifteen items in my cart. The self-service scanner thingy announced "unexpected item in the bagging area" for each of the first three items, requiring a clerk to come over and clear the error.

The clerk wound up scanning and bagging everything for me, as the "Old Guy" was clearly incompetent.

Full service at the self-service scanner! You can't beat Walmart for customer service. Wink

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I use it ALL THE TIME. The less time I can spend in Walmart, the better. I can look up items and scan like a possessed Mofo!

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Originally posted by V-Tail:
Originally posted by 4x5:
I must be getting old - this is my second complaint to this part of SigForum today!
Get off my lawn!
On Saturday I went to WalMart to get groceries for the week.
If I really need to go to Walmart I try to avoid Saturdays. Especially the first Saturday of the month.

Or the stampede of customers loading up in preparation for the coming storm!!

I was at COSTCO yesterday and every lane was active, literally 100s of people waiting to checkout, checkers were doing a pretty good job, too.

What I noticed was that more than half the people in line to check out had enough stuff in multiple carts to provision an infantry platoon for a freaking week! One guy had 14 gallons of milk among a shit load of other perishables. I had to wonder what he was going to do if the storm actually got here and knocked out power for days.

I consistently use self checkout at wally world. But I usually only have a limited number of items. Even so, I would use self-checkout rather than try to deal with a non-English speaking cashier.


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I remember a while back there was and idea that the stores were going to put RFID tags on all the items, you then just roll your full cart past a scanner, which would total your order and charge your card.

Whatever happened with that idea?
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If you avoid produce and especially alcohol it goes fairly well. But good luck getting someone to OK that bottle of wine.

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When I go to Wal-Mart, I always look for the sexiest cashier. In other words, I always use self checkout.
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