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Originally posted by Icabod:
Try living in Korea. Throat clearing followed by spitting is constant. It's cultural whenever people are outside.

Maybe a result of eating that home brew Kimchi they bury in earthen ware until it's about to explode.

Just the smell of it would make me gag.

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Originally posted by Orguss:...
I meant it plays in reverse.

Big Grin

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I have that problem after eating ice cream or snowballs. Drives me crazy for a couple of hours.


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One of those assholes likely is the reason I’m sick now. Couldn’t quit sneezing a few hours after getting home from the gym yesterday. Spent last night thrashing on the couch unable to breathe and choking on mucus. Sinus pressure is finally to a level that doesn’t make me want to eat a bullet. Worst night I’ve had in a long time. Mad
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This used to be me. I found out I'm allergic to whey protein/casein. I cut milk products out and I stopped doing it.

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Some blood pressure meds cause hacking and clearing .... It Could be this.

Lisinopril is one.

Bad cough/gagging for a long time after I quit smoking. I thought it was left over side affect from smoking 20+ years. Changed medication and it went away.

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