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I’m back up to 25-35k a week running.

I’ve been running for at least a decade now and while I have never had sore leg muscles and only sore joints after 25k+ runs, this is my 3rd time pushing a little too hard and the Achilles just can’t take it.

It’ll put me out two weeks cause there is no reason to chance it but damn it’s annoying. Just starting to up the pace a bit on my 30 minute runs.

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I hear ya!!!! Complete shit to be in this kind of pain. Round 2 of steroid injections in the past 3 months is next week.

Sucks getting old. Hang in there!
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Indoor bike on a wind trainer inside where you can get the stamina and cardio up and down in short burst. And when needed you can take it easy and coast along. The one I had like a double sided squirell cage(6inch) fans with one on each side of rear tire. The harder you pushed the speed the more back pressure (drag) you felt. Normal everday evening ride after work 15/20 miles. 25 to 50 on Saturday and/or on Sundays with 1 or 2 times a year throw a 100 miler in for good measure. Once did the "Hotter Than Hell Hundred" out of Wichata Falls ,Texas during the last weekend in August. Actuall time on the bike was 7hrs 8minutes and I was middle of the of the finishers. 35 states and several forgein countries represented. .................................drill sgt.


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See if your GP will get you some oral Voltaren / Diclofenac. Stuff is amazing for tendinitis.

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I did cortisone joint shots. NO fun let me tell ya. However they did relieve the pain.
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Also use Diclofenac. Doesn't 100% relieve it, but definitely helps.

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Diclofenac user here for arthritis. Helps. Really notice it if I forget to take it.
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