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I swear to God, there's not a light fixture made today that wouldn't aggravate me to no end assembling and installing.

Fucking electrician installed these led tape lights under the counters when we had our kitchen renovated couple years ago. The weak point is where the connector plugs/clamps onto the tape. It doesn't! I've seen similar systems on computer systems, they seem to work. Is it asking too much for a light fixture to work. These things flicker, dimmer than the others or flat out don't work. Here I am trying to replace them, the replacements are the same chincy ass shit.

God help me if I ever knowingly run across a lighting designer.
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Some can be skint off and soldered for a better connection. I haven't tried it though. Search youTube.

I do like sweet potatoes with my possum.
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I haven’t read or heard that word in the 17 years I left North Carolina. Thanks for the memory.
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Learn it, know it, live it
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Stop buying tape lights and buy some LED bars..
Are they run through a 12V DC adapter or are they 120 Volt AC?

A couple sellers I buy from;

Oznium LEDs

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