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Just for the
hell of it
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Ryan Reaves has always been a little b*&^*. Every time I see him play I hope someone takes a run at him.

I believe he got benched during the Cup finals against the Caps because he was a liability for the Knights.


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Piss on them all!
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Originally posted by lastmanstanding:
...their entire identity relies on the success of a local sports team. These people will watch and play fantasy sports regardless of anything else.

I work with that guy, and I absolutely don't understand it. He's at least figured out that referring to the team as "we" will ALWAYS draw some smart-ass remarks from me (usually starting with my father-in-law's summary: "None of those guys would give you the sweat off their ass in July.")
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A friend on FB just posted a picture from the arena and in the background I see they have put up a large sign that says #we skate for Black Lives Matter.

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Stop watching sports. It sucks and they are all overpaid traitors.
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I was hoping the NHL would stay out of the social justice warrior bending over. Nope, they cancelled the playoff games scheduled on Aug 27th to join the NBA and MLB in their game cancellation protests.
Well bye, NHL. I had already stopped watching all the other professional sports including Nascar. Maybe some day these leagues will realize people used to enjoy them for their entertainment value. No one cares about their opinions on anything.

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A couple of games is just virtue signalling. What really pissing me off is the sports press. I'm an Avs fan and they are featured on Altitude a Kroeke (Avs owner) creation that has been having big problems agreeing to a new contract. They came to an agreement with Direct TV, but still none for Dish or Comcast. I understand their situation. The big boys want big regional networks covering sports and single NHL owner channels are not what they want. So Altitude is struggling big time. Its just a waiting game until they fold. An on air personality Kyle Keefe tweets and I'm paraphrasing here, I agree with the players, I agree with the NHL. Change is needed. If you disagree than BYE. So, people who don't agree with your very unspecific call for change should go away? Way to support your struggling station. Way to support a small but trying to grow in the American market sport. Way to support your own fucking job you moron. I'm never returning to Altitude again and I hope their demise is quick to facilitate Kyle Keefe being out on his ass. I intend to buy season ticket to the Pueblo Bulls and I'll watch the Avs whenever they have national games until Altitude folds.

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One of the issues with the liberal disorder is these people would honestly rather lose the revenue and possibly go under than accept patronage from "Conservatives". You see it in movies, in music, artists saying if you support Trump don't bother buying our stuff we don't want you.

I'm on the LA Kings fan blog, and there are A LOT of people who want no part of this SJW stuff and see through the BLM "protests". And a lot of these folks are LA/CA locals. Gives me some hope anyway.

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Originally posted by Puckpilot78:
One of the issues with the liberal disorder ...

liberal adj. Favoring reform, open to new ideas, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; not bound by traditional thinking; broad-minded.

Does that look like a description of the "thinking" employed by these people? No? Than why describe them that way?

Originally posted by Puckpilot78:
I'm on the LA Kings fan blog, and there are A LOT of people who want no part of this SJW stuff ...

But they're still on the LA Kings blog and, unless I miss my bet, they still watch and follow the LA Kings. So much for "want no part of." If they're still supporting the LA Kings, they're a part of it, regardless of their protestations to the contrary.

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all this sports team crap is just that.
i have never watched sports and have endured folks at work or wherever yap yap yap about these impressive and wonderful people referred to as athletes.

today, i love watching these "fans" sucking air trying to figure out why they wasted days, weeks, and months of their lives supporting such groups.

it's no surprise to me and actually, i am enjoying their awakening.

now they need to take it out of college. looking forward to that.

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