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I'm looking at the Holosun 407k, just the dot not the circle version.
Will this mount right to my 365XL.

I found another Red Dot, that's want a Pickaninny rail. will this also work on a 365XL.
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Welcome to the board.

With a single post you might not have rights to post in the Classifeds Section but you might bring your request to the Pistol Section.

Am afraid, here´s not the right place.


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The 407c is too wide for the P365. The 407k/507k are still "coming soon" according to Holosun.

Welcome aboard.
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You might try over in the Pistol Section aka "Sig Pistols"- Just below here on the main page. Probably get better responses.

The "What's Your Deal Section!" is where we complain about the Post Office and restaurants not cutting the bread all the way through.

Welcome aboard it's a great place for information and discussions.


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You have to watch out for the comedians around here.
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Descriptive thread titles are encouraged.
Welcome aboard.
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There are dots that will fit your 365 but I believe they are the smaller ones like the Romeo zero or RMSc. It looks like this plate allow for more common red dots to be used including the holosuns


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I believe the Holosun 507K is the answer you seek.
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