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Got me finally. In the past our hail hasn’t damaged anything of our as it’s not been severe.

This weekend though, it put many small dings in the car and broke a bunch of vinyl siding and fence slats.

The car is probably not worth fixing and I’m looking at around $5k of other damages.

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Sorry to hear that.

Several years ago out place in Roxboro got hit by one of those really severe hail storms.

Hail stones the size of softballs were coming down. Required a new roof on our place, several other houses in the neighborhood as well.

Lots of hail damage to cars. Broken windows in houses. I understand some folks were caught out in it and got hurt, too. Do not know how much a softball sized hail stone weighs, but my guess would be in the neighborhood of 3 lbs.

Again, sorry for your trouble!


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I absolutely HATE hail. I’ve had so many cars damaged by’s not even funny.

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I understand. Ruined my very first car. Now if there is even a chance of it my cars are in the garage or in a parking garage. I’m heading out of town in a few weeks (spring here is hail season) and I’ve rented a vehicle with the optional insurance for just this reason.

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