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I am so tired of having other people wreck my shit. Every time I let someone have control over something important to me, they fuck it up in some way.

Order new tires for the C 63, Nitto Invo. Decide to buy local, and have them installed at a reputable shop. Install is on time and quick, but the fucking idiots scraped the edge of two rims while removing the wheels. How hard is it to NOT do this?
All they do is give me a name and number for their "wheel guy" to repair the wheels. So now, I have to take time out of my day, drop my car off, arrange travel, all so this guy can fuck something else up?

Angry Surefire is Angry.

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There's only one tire shop in Jerkwater. They've botched up so much of my stuff I drive 300 miles round trip to buy new tires. And I fix my own flats.

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No, they need to tell you when the replacement set of wheels comes in so they can swap over the tires. Wink

Do they have a court system in Oh Canada which allows the consumer some recourse?

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The one time my dealer messed up my wheel, they let me know before hand and they took care of the arrangements until I got my wheel back.

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