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How bad do you want to burn the perp? The right nuance could change the "Practical Joke" into harassment/hostile workplace with the comments placed after the phony signature line. Just a thought.

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Well Nellie, looks like you better remember to log out. Big Grin
As someone who loves to send instant messages from unlocked teammate's computers to other coworkers, I did chuckle a tiny bit. But, that's a bit over the top sending a resignation letter. Curious to know what they do to her if anything.

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A pharmacist is a professional, licensed position. Her actions indicate a lack of suitability for such a position. It seems to me that dismissal is, at minimum, a protective action that your mutual employer should consider.

The state licensing board may well take a dim view of this as well. I know their investigator and I suspect you do as well.

I hope she is canned forthwith.


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When I worked in municipal government we had a guy in our engineering department that would get on your computer and go to a mens gay websites. I was pissed and learned to log off even when I went to the copy machine.
As it turns out, he was gay. I didn't find it funny at all that my boss could come by and find that on my screen.

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Somebody is going to lose her job. Probable grounds for harassment suit.

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Forget the resignation letter, I'd be really pissed at the signature line.

So I have to ask: are you really a "Negative Nellie, Mr. Always Right, and most irritating pharmacist to work with?"

She may say it's a joke but she may have done you a favor. I don't have any idea how you can do it but do people in your workplace look at you this way? If people saw that signature, would they chuckle and say, "Yep, that's him alright?" If true, you may want to readjust your own attitude. I don't know and have no opinion, just maybe this is a diamond gift in a pile of trash.

In either case, I'd still be pissed at the whole email AND the signature line. That's not a prank.

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Originally posted by fgwilliams1:
Originally posted by flesheatingvirus:
What was the resolution between you and your employer and her and the employer?

Just happened this morning. I've heard nothing.

Well, it's been a couple of weeks. I'd really like to know what the outcome was. How about an update?


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