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I am getting swamped with this crap! Started a couple days ago. I have an ad blocker running but somehow they seem to get past it. Never had that problem until recently.

Unsubscribe works, but I get the same message/response every time. Apparently from the same source. Takes up to 10 days to get my address off their list? What a bunch of horseshit!.

Hints on stopping it!


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wish I knew. I too am swamped, phone calls, emails, postal mail, the works.

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Same here. Especially for cannabis oil. Be careful in hitting the unsubscribe link, that just confirms that their crap is getting through


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Easiest way to stop junk snail mail is to write "Return to Sender - Receipt Declined."

Had a mailman once tell me the sender is charged full first class cost for its return and they'll eventually remove you. Not sure how true but my junk mail nearly ceased within a month.

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Thank you
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I just toss it in the bin, consider it a privatization of a works program, keeps mail people employed, paper envelope sales people paid, printing presses operational, and trash men busy..

Without it we'd have a shiton more unemployed people on welfare, I'd rather not pay for that directly.

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Its a petty form of revenge but I still do this:
All the junk mail I get that contains a "business reply mail" envelope I put back in the mail.

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Empty? You’re missing out on an opportunity to recycle. Send them something. Tuna fish can lids half a cup of glitter or every trace of what they shipped you.

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Originally posted by reflex/deflex 64:
Empty? You’re missing out on an opportunity to recycle. Send them something . . . half a cup of glitter
Where does one purchase this? Returning the envelope with glitter: my imagination is running amok.

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I am always getting pre-declined "pre-approved" offers of credit cards and loans. I finally got around to calling the "opt-out" number. They seem to be tapering off.
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I kept getting crap from Fidelity. I never used that company, so I would delete the emails and trash the letters. One day I got a call from Fidelity. Turns out I was part of an employee stock plan at a former employer. Their HR never told me this. So, right before Xmas last year, I got a check for several thousand dollars. Had I igbired them past December 31, I would have lost out. Now I quickly peruse most stuff.
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Originally posted by YooperSigs:
Its a petty form of revenge but I still do this:
All the junk mail I get that contains a "business reply mail" envelope I put back in the mail.

I tear everything up that they sent including the envelope and stuff it into the return envelope. Probably goes to a fulfillment company so not much affect on the sender but it helps my local landfill.

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Local car dealership started the phone calls. Took our cars in for oil changes and a couple recalls. This was not the dealership we bought them from. After jerking me around on a request for assistance on an out of warranty repair I have not been back.

Last fall I got a missed call and voicemail about trading up. I called the dealership back asking that they no longer phone me. When I told the "manager"(?) that I was not interested in trading in without elaborating why his reply was "Oh yes you are, you just don't know it!" Wrong retort from him, I ended the conversation with "Don't call again."

End of December I got another one. So this time I emailed the General Manager. Explained in detail about my displeasure with the service department and their handling of my out of warranty assistance which was handled by another dealership. I made issue of the previous call and the obnoxious manager's retort. I made reference to my 47 years of new car dealership work experience and I have seen many of these tactics used over the years and I consider each one an insult to my intelligence.

I requested the GM to call me in response which I did not receive. But it has now been five months since my last call.

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My uncle, bless his heart, was a giving person, but that meant he got more junk mail than than seemed possible. After he passed I had to execute his Will so had his mail sent to my address. Big mistake, If I ever have to do that again I will rent a PO box for a year. Apparently all this crap comes from external contractors who get paid less if they remove you. I printed out a form letter explaining he is deceased and I am Executor of his estate and asked to be taken off their mailing list. I have sent almost 100 letters to date in their supplied return envelopes with virtually no effect. (that was to 100 DIFFERENT senders) Now after over 2 years it has only slowed a little, hardly a day goes by without junk mail addressed to him, some days 5 or 6 pieces. I have tried calling as well and explaining... nope, that don't work either.

I think I will try LS1's idea, "Return to Sender - Receipt Declined."

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