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Hi All,
Just a vent here: Bought a P225-A1 via Slickguns for a good price=$645.99 shipped.Purchased and paid via CC on Feb.20. Get instant confirmation,a second automated email with transaction details,FAQ's, what to expect next,etc.Their website has a couple disclaimer that worried me 5-7 business days average shipping and the big one: don't call us,we don't rush orders,30 minutes on the phone means 30 minutes we are not shipping/packing etc.
I use my order confirmation and immediately reply to email listed as contact,with order copy and copy of current FFL license,shipping info,phone etc.
On Friday March 3rd I send an inquiry of"Any shipping info yet?"
Monday,March 6 5pm I get a reply"We’re expecting this gun to go out tomorrow!''
Monday ,March 6 6pm I get"Greetings!

We are contacting you today in regards to the status of your order. At this
juncture we have yet to receive an FFL copy from the dealer you listed on
your order! We have made attempts to contact, but at this time, have not
received the needed license. To prevent unforeseen delays in your order we
encourage you to contact your FFL to help us get the process moving along!
This process can be confusing to new online customers, so if you are unaware
of what to do please let us know! We'll answer any questions you have!

Please note: There are some FFL's who prefer to talk to the customer's
directly, so they know exactly what firearm is going to whom, or they just
require customer's to go into the store before they'll release their FFL

Here is the information that your FFL will need to complete the submission:

To submit an FFL via email please send it to ( )
To submit an FFL via fax please send it to 765-584-2538
Please have the FFL include the order number, or your name so we can attach
them to the proper sales orders!

If there is anything you need from us, please let us know and we can assist."

I respond with:
FFL info was attached to email on Feb 20,2017 as I placed the order.I sent a copy of FFL along with a copy of the order confirmation I received from you.Anyway here is FFL copy again (I sent a PDF copy attachment)

Order Number 6533,AXXXXX M LXXXXXX

Please do not hesitate to contact me if further info is needed. alinc100@XXXXX or by phone/text at 313-268-XXXXX

Thanks and have a great day.

March 9 I receive tracking info from USPS on Priority Shipment to my FFL.Currently USPS tracking info as of today March 12,2:30pm:"Your item departed our USPS facility in INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46241 on March 12, 2017 at 10:26 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination."

I'm a little upset at the length of time involved,the lack of communication and their inability to read/respond to their email system.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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I can see why you'd be upset. I've had a similar experience, I don't understand where the hang up is, info was also provided like you. There must be a black hole of ffl info.
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