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Originally posted by XLT:
I didn't know there was so much hatred out there. all this seems so crazy.

Because consumerism has been severely slowed and conveniences slowed. Spoiled, weak, soft society that has never been through anything. Many people damn near want to slit their wrists because social functions have slowed or stopped.

lex talionis
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I really think this has been going on since the 60's.
The 24/7 news and instant internet make it seem universal. The collage age has never had the center stage like it had now.
If the media started screaming self mutilation them self mutilation would become "the thing to do"
Copy cat, monkey see monkey do ....all these type phrases correctly map what is being done to lead ppl toward the goal post of socialism.
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The Constable
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Originally posted by FlyingScot:
Definitely strange, and strange how quickly this has accelerated. Just when you say “cannot get worse” the insanity, hate, and terrorism from the left just ratchets up.

I too have friends that are seemingly fixated on “orange man bad” and seemingly ignore the reality going on. One is a vet, entrepreneur, very smart. We joke we are the only two around who still “do it all” and are self sufficient. But, he thinks Trump is evil, a draft dodger and refuses to vote for him. He condemns the violence and terror - but blames Trump?

I don’t bring it up anymore. He knows where we stand (wife and I) and he and his wife are on other side. Seems everything with these folks is predicated on Trump is the bigger “evil”, totally illogical and not supported by facts. But that seems to be where some of the nation is at and I just do not get it..never will either.

I gave up on a couple of my liberal/Trump bad, friends. Tried to have a civil conversation with both of them, defuse the situation, lets just NOT talk politics, etc.

They refused, so told them we were done. They were so closed minded and fixated on lies I couldn't tolerate them. Frankly feel a bit better.

These are crazy times. So much of what many of us hold as right, true and proper is under fire and constantly. The MSM is to blame do much of this. They highlight THEIR agenda which is 180 degrees out for most of us. We are bombarded by their BS, it starts to take its toll on a guy. At least it does for me.
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Too soon old,
Too late smart
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Maybe a better way to enlighten people who think the only thing that matters is defeating Trump is to suggest that they read Biden's own website. There's a treasure trove of tripe so deep that only a complete imbecile would be incapable of seeing through it.

Just one sample:

"Joe Biden is running for President to ensure that all Americans have a fair shot at getting ahead. That means rooting out the systemic racism in our laws, policies, institutions, and hearts."

Yes, the same guy who can't string two sentences together and babbles incoherently is going to get all of this done. The Man from Galilee will be envious. Our hearts will be cleansed along with our bank accounts.

Seriously, there's plenty more of this bullshit. And instead of using logic on the Trump haters, let them see for themselves. Recommending Biden's own website should be a winner.


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Thank you
Very little
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If my TV was a black and white Panasonic cabinet unit on the floor in the basement of my parents home I'd think we'd time warped back to the 60's when I was a kid....

Hopefully the one good thing about this is the exposure the hard left socialists are getting, while they think they are moving the cause forward, the rest of us watch and say F-That, some of us saw it, some of us were in denial, others simply ignore it.

Now it's out there, no hiding, no running, if you didn't understand, there's no more denial.

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Originally posted by Prefontaine:
The rioting and general bs. I’m convinced that a big chunk of the destruction is just people not being able to handle a pandemic. It’s an excuse to get out in the streets and let out all your frustration via destruction.

Well-said. The whole post was, for that matter, but I’ve been chewing on this through the day.
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Mix all of the above with a yearly case of mild depression/ anxiety and wait for a sit down.

Two people pulled me aside, they noticed my demeanor had changed ,not in a good way

Course ,abrasive and quick tempered are some descriptions they used.

I feel like an ass and a half.
I am not a duck hole, really !

I felt the anxious ,the unsettled and frustration

Safety, Situational Awareness and proficiency.

Neck Ties, Hats and ammo brass, Never ,ever touch'em w/o asking first
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We were friends with a couple for nearly 40 year. They live in a town that we used to live in and we always stopped to visit when we passed through. We pass through last week and passed right by them because of her toxic posts to FB on President Trump. Go screw yourself.

I'm sorry if I hurt you feelings when I called you stupid - I thought you already knew - Unknown
When you have no future, you live in the past. " Sycamore Row" by John Grisham
Liberalism is a failure to find pathways to intelligence in your brain. - David Lawrence
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Originally posted by chongosuerte:
Both my dad/stepmom and mother are anti-Trump, media believers.

It’s impossible for me to grasp. My father is extremely intelligent. Served in Vietnam, is essentially self-sufficient on their farm, quite isolated but comfortable. I suppose he’s an old southern democrat. My mother is similar. Prepper type, isolated and as much or more self efficient. Basically off the grid in bumfuk Florida.

But I can’t talk current events with either. Just yesterday I was at my dad’s and they were ranting about cops shooting people in the back. I’ve completely shut down all social media except for here. Being on the front lines and watching people who I’ve known for years spout off about this BS...

Strange land, indeed.

I had a similar problem when I was in the military. People who lived in rural area have no idea how bad cities become when they go far left.

I'm guessing it's because rural folks don't have to deal with the results of these ideologies. It's a whole lot different when you have these things in your face. Just ask the droves of people leaving the cities.

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