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The Constable
I'm not a coin collector so was totally unaware that China has been counterfeiting everything from ancient coins to current Euros. These are then sold either to individuals for resale or over the internet.

Just Saw where IIRC Italy recently seized half a million dollars worth of Euros...all Chinese counterfeits.

WHEN will the world finally do something about China?
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Oriental Redneck
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Fucking Chicom love to counterfeit early US silver dollars, since the real deals can command 6 to 7 to 8 figures. The highest condition 1794 silver dollar sold for $10 million. The fake shit are easy to spot, however, unless you're not into numismatics.
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Objectively Reasonable
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As nearly as I can tell, there's nothing-- and I mean NOTHING-- that they DON'T like to counterfeit.

Prescription drugs, cigarettes, tech, media, fashion goods, currency (current)... I had no idea they were into collectable coins, also, but I'm all out of "surprised."

As to "When will the world do something?" When they collectively get fed up and grow some balls. I hope to live to see that day.
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I'm not an expert. Back in family history, my dad had some gold coins. From what I remember, he had a $1, a $5, and a $20. Fair enough. Of course my recently deceased mother gave the $20 to my brother. Then to be fair, she gave me the $1 and $5. Seems like I got 2 and he only got one coin. Not worth fighting over.

So a few years ago I took my meager coins to a coin show so my buddy Joe could inspect them. All was good but he declared the $1 fake, as everyone knew the Chinks were faking them. Sorry about that racist term. Being dumb, I asked him why he thought that. The answer was everyone knows $1 gold pieces are fake. OK, I asked him how they were doing that back in the 1930s! Big Grin He asked why I'd even ask that. The answer being He's had them that long. So out comes his diamond loop for another look. Means nothing to me, I'm not selling them. And I don't trust common knowledge. My wife has a $20, and I don't think that's fake either.

At a gun show, maybe 10 years ago, a guy had 2 Randall knife sheaths for sale. I had a need for one of them because I had the knife that wanted a place to sleep. But the same vendor had a pair of $20 gold pieces. I very innocently asked what they were for. He quiet bluntly said, to fool folks. He saw he had a sucker on the line. Both seemed identical. To my untrained eye, they were the same. Until he took out a magnet and picked one of them up. How'd he do that? Simple, one was a china fake with a steel or iron core. Gold plated exterior. I don't know if any of your guys are smart enough to tell. Keeps me away from buying that kind of stuff.

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There were V nickles from the depression that got gold plated to mimic $5 gold coins.

My older brother collects them.


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The only old coins I have, I've had since a child in the 60's.
Back then the Chicoms were understood to be the enemy. That really hasn't changed. I don't mean the people, but the powers that be.
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News flash! The Chinese and North Koreans have been counterfeiting US currency for decades, both current folding money and antique coins. They don't have much respect for copyright or patent laws either.

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Dances With
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While this may not exactly be counterfeit, it's certainly a copy.

Chinese make copy of C1 Corvette
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