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Our local hospitals have quarantine tents set up in the entrances. You cannot get into the hospital without going through the tent first. So they can catch those idiots before they walk through the hospital.

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Originally posted by Appliance Brad:
I worked the Boo Boo Bus Sunday. Every patient we transported was ALS. ER was pretty deserted. It's a PITA to get in now. Hospital did set up a drive through testing site about half a mile from the hospital. That was probably a decoy to keep them away from the ER.

Thursday night we had an asthma PT code when we got him to the ER, everyone is freaking out right now making the crew that worked that take our temps 2x day and basically quarantine ourselves until we get the test results back from Anchorage.

I'll be glad when this is all over.
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I have been stationed at the ER doors 12 hours a day for my last 8 days of work. Screening anyone coming to the hospital ER. It's a 600+ bed hospital in Houston Med Center. This is a conversation I had a couple days ago.

[Me] Hi, how can I help you.

[20ish female-no outward signs] I'm here for the Corona virus.

We don't have any.

What...[blank stare]

[standard ?s fever-cough-out of the country etc]

No, I need to be tested.

We don't have the test here. Here's an info sheet on COVID19, if you have mild symptoms you need to go home and follow the info on the sheet and call your primary care Dr.

I don't understand-this is a hospital-

You are correct on both. Please read the sheet.

I need to be tested.

Do you have any symptoms at all(I started feeling sorry for her)

I'm really scared.

Anything other "symptoms"?

My hands are shaking.

Ma'am, even if we tested you, and we can't, all you would learn in 4 days is that you didn't have it 4 days ago. However if you stand here long enough, you will probably meet some people that with advanced symptoms and you can ask them some questions about symptoms.

And like that she was gone, with her androgynous boyfriend/whatever.

I'm not hoping- but maybe the next supervirus will sterilize millennials.
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So working triage last night.

Dufus #1 at midnight

"I need a work note."

"Really not appropriate with the current situation to come in here and expect this. Contact your PCP."

"I don't have one and I need a note for work."

Explained that I couldn't just give him one he would have to be examined by a provider. Then explained that we had suspected Covid patients that he would be exposing himself to as well as all of his coworkers when he returned to work.

"I need a note for work."

Dufus #2 at 0200:

"I went to the drive-thru testing site and all they did was put a stick up my nose. I want to be checked out!"

Explained that we would not even test him if he was already tested. Then went off that if he had symptoms bad enough to be tested that he really shouldn't be at a hospital and potentially infecting others.

"But I have a fever!"

"Your temperature was 98.2, you don't have a fever!"

"But I did at home!"

"What was it at home?"


"You're ether lying to me or an absolute medical miracle. If you survived a fever of 107.5, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Go home, take some Tylenol, wait for your results."

"I want to be checked out."

My daughter can deflate your daughter's soccer ball.
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