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Sorry to hear about the well going dry.
I had mine drilled in 1971. 55' down, but had black sulphur.
I thought it was going dry about 2 years ago.
Since I was friends with the guy who drilled it long ago, I called him.
He told me to get a plumb and tie to a string. Drop it down in the well casing until it hits water. Then measure the length of the string.
He said I had water at 20' down from the top of the casing after he drilled it.
I measured 15'. Have more water now then when new. Still have black sulphur.

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Originally posted by Appliance Brad:
As of this morning we have a new 5" 111 foot deep well that tested at 60 GPM. Big improvement over our old shallow well.

Good to see it went well and you have water again Smile

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