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Hello- someone with poor parking skills hit our car and drove off. they broke the side marker light and scratched the front bumper pretty badly. I figure i can just replace the bumper cover, but finding one pre-painted is a little more difficult than I thought.

Searching the internet gives inconsistent results- if I know better what I was looking for, I could filter the garbage results out.

Anyone here have any parts sources they can recommend?



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I’m not sure if there’s one near you, but anytime I need a painted part or some car part that is kind of “manufacturer only” type part I use LKQ. They have a large nationwide network of junkyards and available parts.
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Not sure if they have body parts like that, but I like

I have used Rockauto as well. I bought a new grill for my 06 E350 from and it looks factory to me.

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I have used Colors On Parade for minor dent and scratch repair on my wife's MB with good results...This is probably who your dealer uses...


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I have the EPC..

With a vin, I can get you part numbers and maybe paint codes.

I use genuine mercedes parts online

They offer about 25% off list.

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Try RockAuto.

I get Volvo OEM parts there. They probably have the OEM parts for you too.
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Brim's Auto Salvage in Kenton Ohio. Major player in the parts business.

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Be aware the color won't match perfectly, or be even close, unless you get the bumper off a car that's seen the same life yours has.

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