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Well I didn’t think anything could top ‘Deputy’ with the lesbian, sorry non-binary, sorry I don’t even know what we want to call these people it, or they? Anyway, I only saw that Deputy shit on one of the TV’s at the gym while I was lifting. I do not watch commercial television at home (hate the ads) and haven’t for well over 20 years now.

So this week I see grown adults building Legos and I’m like wtf is this shit? Oh it’s on Fox just like Deputy. Again I’m at the gym lifting weights when this is on the TV. I guess the tv by the dumbbells is permanently on FOX. I glanced at it thinking it was a commercial only for later between sets viewing it again I see “LEGO MASTERS!” Legos are a child’s toy, and they have now made a reality tv show for adults where they compete building shit out of Legos. I had to look this shit up.

This is society and TV now? What’s next, a prime time show of adults playing Candy land?

And I’ll tell ya. Fox is straight fuckin’ killing it with this shit. Like 2 Goats at the fair.

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I enjoy to do legos.
Granted I have small children and likely would not do them without them.

But we’ll be dropping some big coin on them eventually.

Currently I just buy random pieces by the pound so they can just free play.
Our 6 year old is the oldest and is just getting the hang of the smaller kits.

Many folks say the same thing about video games but apparently there is big money in watching adults play video games.

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It's a hobby like anything else for most, or serious business for some people who find a way to make money from it. How is it any different than grown ups playing with trains, model airplanes, etc.?
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Saw the show. Looks more like it is 3D Minecraft instead of Lego building. Minimal thought, just push the bricks together like the computer says...

Yeah, the contestants being an over represented cross sections of society gets old. I'll give you that.

There are a few that like to spend time with their kids and build things with them. Helps the young ones figure out problems and finding solutions. Also gives them some family time as opposed to pushing a phone into their face and walking away.

The past few weeks I spent with my nephew building tanks, artillery, halftracks, and airplanes. Suddenly, we ran out of airplanes. Wink

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I can't wait for a reality show about "bronies," i.e., grown men who play with the My Little Pony toys. An episode of Bob's Burgers lampooned this. Or furries.
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At least they weren't building crap out of matchsticks. Big Grin

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I thought it was a joke when I heard talk of a zit popper doctor show. Somebody has lost their damn mind

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It's heartening to see the activity in my new small-town neighborhood. The kids are all out in the sun, playing basketball, baseball, and football. Legos are great toys, I sometimes play with them BUT a tv show?
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If you think the zit popper Doc is gross, try out "Monsters Inside Me" on Animal Planet. Eek
I only lasted about 10 minutes with Lego Masters.
The teams gagged me.

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Might be better if they had the contestants step on the LEGOs eh?

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Originally posted by Puckpilot78:
Might be better if they had the contestants step on the LEGOs eh?

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it." — Mark Twain

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One of the "contestants" is from our county. I think he wore a dress on one of the shows. Makes me glad i haven't had TV at our house for about 25 years now.

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I refuse to watch “reality” tv shows. Watched the first season of Survivor. That’s it.

Networks way to fill prime time tv on the cheap.
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summer 2006 Mall of America /twin cities Michigan saw a Lego store that had a life size motocross bike and rider in a full jump position.. looked so lifelike.. photo would not do it justice... drill sgt.
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I ducked in for a few minutes of this show last night, was not impressed.

I guess I really dont know what I wanted it to be, but it seemed like the whole show revolved around a bunch of freak show people and their whiny personalities rather than actually making cool Lego items.

I was watching this through the prism of hoping that it would be something that my 5 year old could get into but it wasn't even close.

The people on the show reminded me of that star trek meme in the meme thread, " so you guys are from Portland?"

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"Reality" TV isn't, and it's trash.

LEGOs are fucking dope, and as an adult with a credit card, I can't go down that aisle at WalMart or I might buy myself a Millennium Falcon.

Originally posted by Will938:
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I was hoping for forged in fire, but it's ink master. All the drama, none of the cool.
If you have a small museum nearby, watch for exhibits of large-scale Legos - the aircraft carrier & LST were awesome in person - 15-20' long. All the smaller sets around it were really cool too.
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I have been put off the show by the bearded dude in a dress. it went from possibly being a family show to a freakshow. why does everything have to be SJW'd? my son loves building legos and I like to build things with him.

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