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Post whore. Razz

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Go Vols!
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Originally posted by PorterN:
I was cheated by El Niño out of even a semblance of a winter this year. And im pissy about it.

Instant Karma - you win !

We have a ton of winter incoming Friday - Sunday. Come get it and take it back with you please.
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Todays tired of winter update from the Yoop:
Wednesday night / Thursday AM saw temps far below zero in most locations. Stambaugh, in Iron County at -32 was the coldest spot in the lower 48. NWS Negaunee was -11.
Heat wave soon with temps in the 20s.
103 inches of snow thus far in Marquette, below our long term average. Above average snow totals in the Keweenaw and northern Alger County around Grand Marais.

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Shoveled sunshine all morning.

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I have lived the bulk of my life in snow country, less 18 months in the Philippines and 8 years between Pensacola and Charleston.

This is the weirdest winter I can remember. Been yo-yoing all winter: Single digits or teens for 3-4 days, followed by 2-3 days of 40's and rain and then back to the basement.

We got snow that ended in rain a couple of days ago and by the next morning it was teens and everything was a frozen, icy mess. Tomorrow is predicted to be mid-40's and rain.


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It's supposed to rain hard most of the weekend, with flood warnings, even. Good thing I can go to an indoor range.
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