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then there are people who order it done , wrong.

an off road shop in Thousand oakes ,Ca did exactly what the 22 y.o. kid wanted,
they installed three off road shocks on each wheel.

( a toyota truck in the mid 80's)

the kid was back three days later and said that it rode way to rough , "could you fix that? "

they said yeah for $190.00 more dollars,

come back in an two hours,

they went out and drilled 8 holes in 8 shocks,
and the kid was elated ! Big Grin Roll Eyes

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I was given a car that had had a battery installed elsewhere and then wouldn't start. It had no electrical power anywhere. Whoever installed it never took the plastic protective caps off the terminals. In fact, this being a GM side terminal battery, they also had to pierce or cut the protectors to get the bolt through.
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Nothing on autos to contribute, but after 6 hours of changing a cylinder on an R2600 radial aircraft engine in a very cold, 40 knot wind, on a ladder, found the cylinder base o-ring with my tools.

The o-ring is put on the cylinder before it's installed on the engine. It was a six hour job, and I found the o-ring about the time the last cylinder base bolt was ganglocked and cottered off. Six more hours, because I missed the base ring.

I know two individuals that put a shutoff valve in the main oil line near the tank, in an R2800, in a A-26. They put the valves in both engines when new engines were installed on the airplane. The idea was to shut off the oil between flights, to avoid oil flowing back to the engine from the tank, causing hydraulic lock in the lower cylinders (damaging). On the initial flight, the first engine seized in the air, and the second one just after they got on the ground, thanks to having forgotten to open the oil shutoff valves.

I troubleshot a problem for several hours on a Sabreliner after installing an engine following some turbine blade replacements. The engine wouldn't spool up. I spent well into the evening doing back and forth calls with a Sabreliner guru on the other coast. As it was getting late, he said he didn't want to insult me, but I did verify that the fire handle was pushed in, right? Of course, what am I, an idiot?

It didn't take long to check anyway, and sure enough, the t-handle was pulled, causing the problem I was troubleshooting. A simple thing, one item missed, would have saved hours of headache. Turns out I was born yesterday.
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