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"Inslee our man" 2024 Roll Eyes

I'm from Seattle and yes Seatac even after be remodeled still looks like a strip mall from the 70's. The lack of service and food highlights the inability of the state's management or bureaucracy to function in a capacity to support weary travelers.

Perhaps a suggestion of a self serving "bar" like in Japan where dispensing machines can sell cans of beers and small bottles of wine and hard liquor. In a Washington Liquor Board controlled area of course.

Duly noted with rant and bitch.....happy new year.
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Originally posted by BurtonRW:
I was going to bitch about my Southwest flights this week (I end up flying Southwest about once every five years - this time due to flight schedule/availability - and remind myself why I never fly Southwest, but that’s general stuff...), but my Covid-related flying rant will fit nicely here.

So Southwest, already a fairly shitty airline, barely a notch above Spirit from what I can tell, has suspended normal beverage/food service due to Covid paranoia. They’ve been advised to do so by some anomalous body of top men (Top. Men.) What they’re doing instead is offering water and a small bag of snack mix only. Because that somehow reduces contact whereas offering me a mini-can of Coke or a bag of peanuts instead of the water and snack mix would immediately draw the attention of the Covidz and I would die, along with the passengers to my right and left.

What really makes me laugh and shake my head is that the water is served not in sealed bottles, but in those little airline cups, on a tray of a dozen or more at a time, where everyone being offered said water in front of you gets to breathe on, sneeze at, and otherwise expose said Covid-proof water to their covidness and other germy bits.

What sense does any of that make?


This brought to my mind the things that people did as part of the Salem witch hunts. Except theirs may have been more science based comparatively.

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