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1) I like the dorco razors. I’m on board with the Pace products. But when I can’t find a single store in Seoul that sells them (afaik, dorco is a korean company making these razors in Korea), it kind of pisses me off. Spent some time checking various pharmacies and beauty shops to no avail.

2) metro area are crowded by nature. I get it. I also get people have need to use their phone. But for fucks sake, when it crowded when walking on sidewalks and in malls and such, if you’re going to have your face in your phone and walk slowly, get out of the frickin way.

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Around here all the Hispanic folks like to ride bicycles in the road and check their facebook at the same time. Scary as hell.


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Last year, a guy on a bicycle was riding using the crosswalk crossing Centreville Road and rode into the side of a car that was doing about 35 to 40 MPH. He crashed in the road and was lucky another car was not following the car he hit.

I am not sure if the car ran a red light or what but I had to laugh. All he got was looked like a bent wheel. The car pulled over and our light turned green so I didn't see what transpired afterwards.

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OP, BTDT - it would happen even without the phones. Wink

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