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Replace sign with a square wood box roughly the size of a milk crate atop of the pole with your number on it. Next time it gets shot, line up the holes and that’s where they’re coming from.
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Sigfreund, that is great news, congratulations! Smile

NHforester, this is not an allowed use. The land is currently half State land (hence the State getting involved with wildlife, vegetation, climate, etc, studies), and half privately owned (the rancher), and has been zoned as agricultural for ages. This is why the mining company has to seek a CUP (conditional use permit) with the county, to be allowed to do activities not pertaining to agriculture (farming, ranching). I have spoken to the county land use department about the company trying to change the zoning to industrial, which would allow them the right to mine the mesa and have all the plants they intend to use, however, the company is not pursuing this avenue. I suppose they feel getting the CUP would be easier, and cheaper. Almost all the land in this area, for miles upon miles, is zoned agricultural or rural residential. Having an industrial zoned property here would go against the countys comprehensive land use plan, which is to promote large land tracts with homes and maintain the natural beauty and agricultural use of the land. So, in short, no, it is not an allowed use.

However, a previous company was granted a CUP in 2000, and never did a thing with the mesa. We bought our property in 2002, and were not told of the CUP or that the mesa would be mined. The new company, now, wants to try and enact the old CUP, and until I brought up to the county that many things have changed in 19 years (ie, homes being built here, more people living in the area, etc), the county is now requesting the company file for a new CUP. Which is where we are now. This new company is dragging it's feet, either thinking it isn't worth it, or getting all their ducks in a row. Everyone is in limbo right now, waiting to see if this company files a new CUP. For 2 months, since being told they will need to, they haven't. The new CUP is where we can complain about the dust, noise, trucks, etc., with the county. I do hope that makes sense.

Chuck, we have been mostly doing a lot of grassroot efforts, getting the word out to any and all we can think of that may be impacted by this. I have spoken to many neighbors (nearest is about 5 miles away), written to all property owners here in this little square mile development, and handed out flyers to anyone that will take one. We have filed a complaint with the state, and as they are waiting for the CUP also, we are waiting to see if a hearing will be scheduled. We have written letters to the Environmental Defense Fund, The Nature Conservancy, The Natural Resources Defense Council, the Trust for Public Land, and the Sierra Club (many thanks to SouthFloridaLaw for providing the link earlier in this thread). We have not heard back as of yet. We have contacted our local paper which has said they will do a story on this mesa once a CUP has been filed. We have phone numbers and emails ready to goto our 4 local news station affiliates when the time comes also. We have not contacted a State Rep, as of yet. Everything, again, is in limbo right now. We are waiting for this company to do something, and as of yet, they have not. We are fighting this locally for the time being. When the time comes, we are loaded for bear.

P210, we know which way the shots are coming from, very easy to tell the trajectory. They are coming from a large property next to the sign. Again, there is just a road, large swaths of prairie, a couple fences, cows, and my sign. The nearest home from there (besides mine) is over 5 miles away. It is all just open range land, and why it is difficult to catch whoever is doing this. I suppose some pictures would really help, but am hesitant to divulge any more info about it than that, as people would really be able to "pinpoint" my address down. I hope you understand my hesitation with my line of work.

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