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Well. If its a Glock I'm dropping I try to remind myself people have been trying to make those fire upon being dropped for decades.

Chucking them off buildings onto pavement and dropping them out of helicopters for starters.

Hell. I even remember some time ago a guy that was trying to destroy his G-21 purposely mistreating it.

It's been a while, but I seem to recall he chucked it out of an airplane over a field. He finally found it and it showed no evidence of the striker hitting the primer.

But still. It does cause a bit of stress.

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Originally posted by YooperSigs:
Some years ago, dropped a cocked and locked 70 series 1911 muzzle first onto the pavement outside the P.D.
Longest. Fall. Ever.
No discharge.

I suppose next you're gonna say that THAT'S where the idiot mark came from, huh? Razz

I've actually done that with a couple of my 1911's, and afterward I looked like a parent who had just watched their child fall down a flight of stairs-coddling, looking over every square inch, and (maybe) a copious amount of "oh, my baby, my precious..." Big Grin


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I dropped a Karr once. I just watched it fall and then picked it up. No discharge.

Dad followed a tree over the bank with a spooled up Stihl 041AV. It was like slow motion watching him in mid-air while trying to kick that chainsaw somewhere out of his flight path.

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A friend of mine dropped his cocked and locked 2011 - this was during an IPSC match (fumbled holstering) so he got DQ'd. Worst (or best, for the rest of us) part is that he broke his small toe when the loaded gun landed on it muzzle first.
Rather added insult to the injury of the disqualification :-)

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My barrel bushing took a nick from the fall so I swapped it out. Exciting experience!
Did not happen to me, but a guy I worked with was sitting on the crapper while wearing a Jackass rig with a 1911 in it. The gun fell out of the holster and discharged when it landed muzzle first onto the tile floor. Other than being sprayed on his legs with tile fragments, no injury.
Thats the story anyway. I tend to believe he was playing with the gun whilst pooping.
As one does.

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Originally posted by gpbst3:
This morning I went to put my CCW, sig 365, on a shelf in the basement. Part of the grip was hanging off the edge and I saw it fall in slow motion. I squinted my eyes, turned sideways, lifted my leg to instinctively cover the the boys down south and hoped there was no flash.

Really makes you feel alive.

You shouldn’t worry, you dropped a 365, not a 320 Big Grin
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I was at an indoor range in 2001 and the table between the lanes apparently rotates with the edge at your belly going down and the far edge going up, once rotated the whole thing swings to one side to clear the lane so you can walk through the lane.

I was on my first mad and had to adjust glasses or hearing pro or something so I put the gun down mid mag.

Cocked with hammer back and a round loaded in the chamber. I put down a bertta 92 while the table rotated and the gun slid straight down and fell on the hammer while I was looking down the barrel watching it fall. right before impact I turned my head at least, nothing happened. total shit pants moment.

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Most dropped guns discharge when the user tries to catch them in flight. Better to just let it do.

Years back it happened during a large indoor event held in our exposition center. At handgun fell from a shoulder holster. Attempting to catch it caused a discharge. Thankfully one minor injury from the ricochet off of the concrete floor.

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Originally posted by Hound Dog:
I don't grab at stuff, but I will typically stick out my foot to soften the impact. Better the first thing a valuable/fragile object hits be my soft foot than the hard floor.
I do this too, saved a few breakables from breaking. Sometimes, it is deemed unwise and I do not. Amazing the judgements you can make in a split second.
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I was in line at Wendy's a couple of years ago when the guy in front of me reached up under his untucked shirt for his wallet and his glock popped out and onto the floor. Didn't go off but he was as red as the Wendy's logo.

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Originally posted by YooperSigs:
I tend to believe he was playing with the gun whilst pooping.
As one does.

Thank you for the smile Smile

The very last time I used my galco gun belt to carry, was on the carpeted stairs going to the lower level of the house and for whatever combination of events, my beloved P239 came out and down onto the stairs as the belt rolled over...

Have never ever had my heart pound harder as the pistol went down in slow motion, me expecting the worst.

No flash, no damage, just laying there quietly on the stair step where it came to rest.

Had to sit there for a bit and catch my breath, allowing my heart to stop pounding out of my chest.

Ordered a new gun belt, right there and then.

Never again.


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I have most of my pistols in soft gun cases. Took my CZ 1911 out to the range one day. As I took it out of the back seat, I didn't notice that the case was unzipped. The gun fell out and onto the gravel. It never occurred to me that the gun might fire, probably because I don't keep a bullet chambered in my 1911's. They are all range guns. I was just pissed at myself for the resulting scratches on the gun.
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Originally posted by vthoky:
Originally posted by P220 Smudge:
Yeah, guns and knives, let 'em hit the ground and get out of the way as best you can - bad things happen when you try to catch 'em.

Add soldering irons to that list.

Just sayin'.

Yep, you do that only once Eek

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I am possibly dating myself, but I imagine there are those who were issued a big, giant pencil to learn to write with in first grade.
I dropped mine and it rolled off my desk and went south toward my lap. To keep it from hitting the floor, I slammed my legs together.
Big giant pencil stabbed my left thigh and the lead broke off under my skin.
I carried that slug for years before it finally dissolved.
No real thought involved. Just reflex.

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We all know that guns are almost perfectly drop safe, and especially modern and well maintained guns.

But the more primitive part of our brains still makes us flinch.

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S&W M66: Check. Brief moment of terror but it was fine.
SIG P229: Check. Knew it wouldn't discharge unless I did something stupid, like tried to grab it.
Baby Browning: Slow-motion. All I could think is "Crap. I bet I'm about to take a .25ACP bullet, and I bet I'll be the only person in the 21st Century to actually be killed by one." Thankfully, no bang. A fraction of a millimeter of metal on a 100-year-old pistol did its job.
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About 20 years ago my shooting buddy had his AR-15 setup on the bench with a bipod inside the rifle range hut.

He was a reloader so he was always scrounging for brass at the range.

While looking for casings on his hands and knees in the hut, he managed to kicked a chair into the AR-15 and knocked it on the floor, it landed pointing right at my face.

Didn't go off but I can still hear the sound of that thing falling like it was yesterday...

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I was standing to the 10 o'clock of an older fellow at a gunshow 2-3 years ago when he snagged his winter coat on his S&W J Frame or the clip on holster he was using and ended up basically throwing the revolver while still in the holster on the floor in my direction.

Scared the crap out of me, he looked embarrassed and picked it up and clipped it back on quickly and disappeared into the crowd.

Even though it was at a gunshow, the building was was posted so he ought not to have been carrying anyway.
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2 weapons drops.

Browning High Power, condition 0ne.
Came into the house via the basement one extremely cold day, when I unzipped my jacket and vest, my pistol fell out of the military style shoulder holster. Onto the concrete floor.

The safety lever over rode the safety notch in the slide, I had to have the slide repaired at that area. My heart stopped beating for a second or two when it fell. The strap holding the pistol in had become undone while I had been hiking and beding over.

Then , one night going out to my dog kennels, my Colt Commander, again, Condition One, slipped out of my IWB holster hitting the ground. This was in the winter also. This time caught me completely surprised, I don't think I had time to even have a heRt attack. Surprised too, my Colt was not scratched up at all.

My mishaps always occur during winter, involving multiple layers of clothes.

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