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Originally posted by cne32507:

Kiki passed today. He was 16.

I don't have photo hosting. Maybe some day:

My old 17LB. Maine Coon, started with us maybe 10 or 11 years ago. God only knows his age as he was left behind by many owners.

Our place is, by most standards, small and junk.

I love it, and apparently so does he. He runs the joint and is affectionately deemed Boss Cat.

Has been a surrogate and trainer for several feral cats we've taken in.

These days he loves his radiator heater and snuggling with us. Has developed a hitch in his walking.

We've taken him to the vet several times over the last decade and spent big cash on fixing him. Totally worth it, but we waited to long and one of his ears was permanently damaged.

Would never change a fucking thing.

He routinely sleeps next to his first students grave when its warm and he ventures out......Basement Cat.

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Originally posted by cne32507:

Kiki passed today. He was 16.

That’s old for a cat.

If I know anything about cats, it that Kiki 2.0 is out there in a shelter praying for you to take him home.

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Thank you all for the condolences and emails. We miss Kiki very much.

As a youngster, my family home always had a cat or two. As an adult, I have had only 3 cats. The first was a male Seal Point Siamese we bought soon after my first marriage. The best cat ever. Lived a very long time; maybe 18 years or more. I cried when I had him put down. Skipped several years until I met my current wife. Saw an ad for a beautiful calico named Henrietta and we took her in. She was my wife's lap cat and lived 16 years also before kidney disease. I saw 6 yo Kiki in a large cage at the vet's office when we picked up Henrietta's ashes. I came back a week later and dragged him out. He never was a lap cat but slept in the bed with us. He was my cat. He was about 8 years old in the picture and weighed around 12 lbs. At the end he weighed 6. Kidney disease. Right now we are entertained by our neighbors' cat who comes to visit every day.
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