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A little over a week ago my microwave oven failed – the microwave power amp wouldn’t turn off under control of the fractional power or duration timers, or even when I pressed the “end” button. The only practical way to get the power amp off was to open the unit’s door. All other aspects of the oven worked perfectly.

I quickly discovered how much I missed it! I’ve been awkwardly using it by repeatedly opening and closing the unit’s door to manage power flow – a royal PITA.

I spent several days choosing a new one, then ordered it from Amazon – it’s scheduled for delivery today by 9pm. And while making lunch lunch today, I discovered that my microwave oven was working perfectly again!

Unless the new microwave oven is faulty when delivered I’ll have no valid reason to return it – I’ll be the rare person with a spare microwave oven!

Maybe a good thing. My very compact kitchen was designed to have the microwave in a cabinet with a 12”-deep shelf, and the oven that I bought was the only decent-sized one I could find that would fit. Might not still be available if my current microwave goes permanently belly-up in the future.

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Two things: First, I wouldn't trust your current microwave to not give up the ghost soon and secondly, I wouldn't worry about sending the new one back to Amazon because quite frankly, they don't care, they'll just take it back, no questions asked. Personally, I'd keep the new one and store the current one as the back-up, but that is just me.



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It’s like when you had old tube TVs that went wacko and called the TV repairman for a house call, and then the TV worked fine and he couldn’t find any problem and then charged you for the house call. Confused

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