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At the other end of the help spectrum.

This happens here on a regular basis.
Simon needs a very specific part for a very specific product ,
Instead of calling the company that offers the product and the part.

They come here to ask us to look it up for them .

I have a Pendalton 24 volt trolling motor that I bought at Big bills boat shop,
It needs a new slip joint pinion washer relief constrictor nut.
Model number pr1610

Where should I get one ?

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Put me in the minority I guess. I could care less if you ask a searchable question. Of course I can’t stand you guys who are the click bait moderators either. If you don’t like click bait then don’t click. Which ignores the fact that a click bait title still isn’t click bait. If you clicked ONE click to get to ONE page which answers the click bait titles answer, well it wouldn’t be click bait either.

So to recap, I don’t mind click bait titles, yes I will argue if I think you are making a silly point, and the search function sucks so who cares if a recurring thread pops up every once in awhile.

Everyone wants to be a mod. I will try the idea of searching by date though. Never knew that would make a difference meaningfully.
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Originally posted by 911Boss:

Now “a” person popping up in a number of different peoples threads suggesting they shouldn’t ask questions and instead STFU and just search for info comes across to me as a bit of a dick move.

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I, too, would like to see this thread stickied. I didn’t know the karmanator did that, or about the way back...
I started looking for the deviled eggs thread a few days ago, couldn’t find it, did a search, couldn’t find it, almost posted a new thread, and remembered to do the search externally. Popped right up. Dec 6.

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