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Originally posted by NK402:
I am currently in a Florida hotel, which is charging me $34 a day plus tax for valet parking. Under the circumstances, I'm not all that inclined to pony up an additional couple of bucks each time the kid brings my car around.

I went and stayed in Times Square one time. The parking cost more than some motels I have stayed in. If I am paying $400+ per night before taxes, I think you can toss in free parking.


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Who else?
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I'm also of the school that I don't need fresh sheets every day. I even mess with the girls - I make the bed in the morning! I often put chocolates on the pillow, gift cards, hair ribbons...

I tell them they can tidy up, refresh the coffee fixings, towels and empty the trash, but I'm a low maintenance guy - if they do the sheets maybe every third day, they'll make me happy.

My admission is, for many years, I never even thought about tipping hotel room staff. Then about 15 years ago I read an article about tipping - and realized I had missed an entire job sector - as I tipped everywhere else that was customary. Honestly, I felt pretty stupid when I learned I was "that guy".

I leave $3-4 dollars on the pillow a day if I'm staying an extended period at places under $100 a night, $5 over that. And they are told to do LESS work. Note - I get treated nicely wherever I stay. You recognize them - and they take care of you.

Stayed at one place for 2 months while I was searching for a lease on a house in a new locale. Nailed three of the house girls during that time, all of them 20+ years my junior and each quite attractive. Sure broke up the monotony.

I'll be here all week. Try the room service. Tip your house girls.
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Before Christmas, we went to Punta Cana.

We left $5.00 every morning for our Housekeeper. She was very grateful made sure we had any thing we wanted. If we asked for one more towel, we go two. if we asked for more shampoo, we go a lot of it. Apparently washcloths are not used by everyone. When we asked for washcloths, she made sure we had brand new washcloths, still with tags.

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Originally posted by Gustofer:
I don't mean to stir the pro-tipping hornets nest here, but I'm sorry...when they are charging $200+/night for essentially just a bed and a shower, I'll keep any extra scratch in my pocket unless and until I see some exemplary service.

I have no problem with tipping...when it's earned, but I don't go out of my way, like some, to tip people for simply doing their job.

Agreed. I travel so much I'd go broke tipping every at the hotel for doing their jobs.

Above and beyond? Sure.

Par for the course? Nope.

On top of that, I tend to be one of the most no-load customers they will have. I bring my own bags to the room and the “Do Not Disturb” sign goes on the door the first time it opens and stays there until I leave.

If I can sleep on sheets for 5-6 days at home without being changed, I can do the same in a hotel. About the only thing I need from housekeeping is some fresh towels, and I will get them off the cart as I walk by.

Same here. If I'm staying for longer than a week I get service about halfway through the stay.
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My rule is three bucks a day in the US, and a toonie, pound or a euro overseas. It helps when you ask them for a few extra coffees for the maker or you leave a ton of towels on the floor in the bathroom, showering twice a day in the summer. IMHO it's just the right thing to do.
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I tip the housekeeping staff... for a week’s stay I usually leave a twenty and a nice note when I check out.

I’m always concerned that the only person who gets the tip is the person working Saturday (my typical check out day)... but having all those single around to do a per-night tip sucks.
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I try to tip from $2 to $5 each day except for the last day.

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The reason servers make less per hour is because they receive tips.
I leave $3 per day and get really well taken of.
My wife was in the food service business for over 30 years. Dean
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