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I know it's frustrating, but these cases are very labor intensive for LE, with little likelihood of prosecution, recovery of funds,etc. Even if you have an email or address, and have the investigative resources to follow up, you'd have to prove who at the email or physical address actually perpetrated the scam. This effort may require wiretaps, search warrants, surveillance,etc. Very time consuming and labor intensive stuff. This coupled with the fact that these scams may lead to principles outside the United States. I worked at a large police department. No matter what investigative detail they worked, detectives had huge case loads. Most of these cases were much closer to home, and had actual chance of successful prosecution, recovery of funds, etc. Not what people want to hear, but that is the world we live in.

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So when I owned a cell phone store in NJ back in the day a group of “teens” came in and stole a bunch of prepaid phones off the wall and ran. I chased them and took down the license plate number of the car that they got in. They were NY plates so the police said “sorry there’s nothing we can do since they are from out of state.” Another time my old university sent a $3000 refund check to my old address by mistake. The new tenant forged my signature and cashed it in a different state. I’m guessing he had a fake ID made. I called the bank and they actually had the security video of him doing it. Neither the bank, the University, the police in NJ or MI wanted anything to do with it. Sometimes people just don’t want to do their jobs.

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I was at a conference a few years ago and a security person spoke. I don't remember the exact words but his story was along these lines:

Try to hold up a convenience store for $80 and you'll get a number of cops arriving on scene with guns drawn.

Lose $80,000 in a cyber crime and try to get anyone's attention. It's not going to happen... to complex and the dollars are too small.

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as I have said before, ATF means after the fact.
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