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So far today I have received "10" calls. Telling me my Apple iCloud has been hacked..... I do not have a account with "Apple" in any form. So maybe I jerked the poor English speaking guy a little before his final question to me after getting on the internet at his request. His question was what operating browser are you using? When I answered why "Oprah" of course! He then hung up on me??? So now every few min I get a robo call that hangs up after a 15 sec spiel on my answering machine! Guess I pissed him off a little too much. Big Grin
I did call his # back and got a recording saying they had received many calls about phishing. And to not give out any info. Smile
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Messing with those guys is awesome. Wanna waste my time let me waste some of yours.
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Had a different scam call. Guy called asking for my daughter. Said I'd take a message and pass it to her. When I asked how he got my cell number he said he was searching people with out last name. Which is rare. Asked why he wanted to speak with her he gave "personal finances." The company did loan collections.

The next day my daughter called the company. She didn't use the number he left, just looked the company up. They had no record of her in the files. Neither did they have a listing for him.

The day after he called on my landline. Same spiel. Told him the company was contacted and they had no record. This was when he got huffy.

Strange thing is he has never called her. In fact, it's been a week and nothing.

I'm guessing this was a version of the "Dad I'm in jail, send money" scam

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When I first moved to the Yoop, I had a listed number. Which of course is tied to my address. And my address is one of 4 townhomes in my apartment complex.
I would get an amazing number of calls about people who had lived in the other three townhomes. From bill collectors. I just had enough contact with the neighbors to say "what's up" when I saw them coming and going. I had no idea where they had escaped to.
Finally just cancelled my landline.

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We still get letters periodically from the IRS addressed to the guy that lived here before us. That was 22 years ago....

For years we used to send them back with "not at this address" or something like that. Now they go in the trash.

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Ya know, that isn’t Apple calling. So maybe your title isn’t really accurate.

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We get letters for Harry Thomas every now and then. Mr Thomas was the man that my wife's parents bought this house from 63 years ago. I'm sure he has been dead for at least 25 years.

We have a President again. Thank God.
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I’ve started to log calls to the DNC complaint webpage.


Not sure if it will help.

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